Special Demons are rare and unique types of demons encountered throughout the show. They vary in power, abilities, weaknesses, and appearance.

Types of Special DemonsEdit


Samhain is a powerful and ancient demon that was mistaken as a deity by the ancient Celts. He is known as the Demon of Halloween and his release is a seal on Lucifer's Cage. While in the realm of the living, Samhain brings about hordes of ghosts, zombies and other creatures. He was exorcised back to Hell by Sam Winchester using his special child abilities. Along with necromancy, Samhain was shown to also use Photokinesis, an uncommon and powerful ability seen by only two other demons.

Disaster DemonEdit

A type of black-eyed demon that causes human carnage by disasters, such as causing plane wrecks. The only known one was exorcised back to Hell. They have the standard abilities of regular demons, with the exception of telepathy. Unique to their kind, the Disaster demon posses people through their eyes rather than their mouth. This kind was first demon the Winchesters ever encountered knowingly, it was exorcised by Sam.


Daeva 2

A Daeva is an ancient demonic creature of shadow that can be summoned by other demons. They are more similar to hellhounds in nature than demons, being controlled by other demons and vessel-less. They have been shown to be generally more powerful than regular black-eyed demons. Daeva also need to be controlled, or else they will attack anyone in their vicinity.



Acheri is a demon that can materialize their own form without the need of the use of a vessel. They can be controlled by Azazel's special children. Like Daeva, Acheri do not need vessels to be with the living.

The Seven Deadly SinsEdit

The Seven Deadly Sins are incarnations of the biblical sins. They were shown to have considerable power, making a man drink chemicals through mind control. They have existed for centuries if not millennia, being encountered by Peter Binsfeld in the 1400s. They were unleashed when the special child Jake Talley opened the Devil's Gate. After their escape, the Sins came up against hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Tamara and Isaac. Though Isaac was killed, Envy, Wrath, Lust and Sloth were exorcised by Bobby and Tamara while Pride, Greed and Gluttony were killed by Ruby.



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