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Even when he's dead, Sparkle can't stop shining.
— Sully about Sparkle.

Sparkle was a zanna that took the form of a half-man, half-unicorn (manicorn). He was the imaginary friend to a young girl by the name of Maddie Berman in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Season 11[]

A young girl named Maddie Berman was having a tea party with Sparkle while her parents were waiting for her to finish so they could go to dinner. While Maddie was excited at the prospect of being able to have a tea party forever with Sparkle while her parents eat Cheerios for dinner, Sparkle told her that she should go with her parents. Maddie hugged Sparkle and left as he began to clean up the tea party. While Sparkle was sitting in Maddie's room reading and waiting for her to come home, he heard a noise outside her bedroom door and assumed it was Maddie. He leaped to his feet to greet her, and saw that it was not Maddie before he was stabbed. When Maddie finally arrived back home, she was greeted by a bloodbath in her bedroom and lets out a terrified scream.

Sparkle's corpse.

The next day Sully, Sam and Dean Winchester arrived at the Berman residence posing as trauma counselors from child services as Maddie had made a 911 call after finding Sparkles' dead body. Mrs. Berman took Sam and Dean to Maddie's bedroom, which the girl would not step foot anymore. Sully teleported into the room and related to Sam and Dean the horror show that he was looking at. After he touched their foreheads, which allowed them to see what he saw, they saw the glittery bloodbath left by Sparkle's murder. When Mrs. Berman returned to the room, she walked through Sparkle's glittery blood, and eventually covered her face in it to the shock of Sam, Dean, and Sully. As they left the bedroom they advised Mrs. Berman to move Maddie into the spare bedroom and to take a deep, purifying, and hot shower to clean off Sparkle's blood, as she could not see it.