Castiel reads this boy's soul to see who has left a claim on it.

Soul Reading is the ability to assess the condition of one's soul. This can be used to determine the condition or presence/absence of a soul in a body. It can also be used to find out if anyone has placed a claim on someone's soul via a deal.

Species With This AbilityEdit

  • Angels - They can read a person's soul by literally sticking their hands into their chests. This procedure is extremely painful, Castiel says it leaves little physical damage while the mental toll is severe.
    • Archangels - Lucifer touched Sam's soul to torture him and draw power from it.
    • Seraphim - Castiel was able to read the soul of Aaron Birch to discover what angel had claim on the boy, discovering it to be Balthazar. He used this power again on a monster to find out Eve's location.
  • Demons - Certain demons, particularly Crossroad demons, can assess the condition of one's soul just by looking at them. The Crossroad demon that Dean sold his soul to in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2 taunted him that his soul was "tarnished".
  • Famine - As one of the horsemen was able to sense the damage ("emptiness" inside) to Dean's soul just by touching him.
  • Leviathans - In a different way, leviathans are able to sense a certain "spark" in a human's soul that cannot be copied, however they can still copy their physical complexion. Dick Roman sensed this spark in Charlie Bradbury, which is why he kept her alive rather than just copy her.
  • Fairy - Fairies or at least certain kinds are able to an unknown degree tell aspects about souls. As a Leprechaun said that fairies are all about energy and that the human soul gives off a certain "perfume". This was shown as the Leprechaun could tell that Sam was soulless at the time.
  • Alpha Vampire - He could sense that Sam had no soul, stating he smelled "cold".
  • Anubis - Using his abacus, Anubis can appraise a soul and ascertain whether it will go to Heaven or Hell.

Objects With This AbilityEdit

  • Anubis' Abacus - The tool used by Anubis to appraise the souls of humans after their death, and ascertain whether it will go to Heaven or Hell. It's unknown if someone other than Anubis can use it.


  • It should be noted that beings who created souls, such as God and Eve, know how they function/operate. Death, being almost All-knowing (i.e. nigh-Omniscient), knew where Sam's soul was and the state of it. Likewise his brother Famine, was shown to hold great understanding of souls.
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