I can get you out of here. (...) A little spell. Ya know, nothing major.
Belphegor telling the Winchesters and Castiel about the spell.
in Back and to the Future

The Soul Expulsion Spell is a spell that can expel nearby souls from the bodies that they are possessing.


After emerging from Hell, the demon Belphegor offers to use the spell to get the Winchesters and Castiel out of the crypt they are trapped in by zombies created by the souls of Hell possessing nearby corpses. Collecting graveyard dirt from the floor and Castiel's blood, Belphegor casts the spell and expels the souls from the corpses they are possessing. Though Castiel thinks he destroyed the souls, Belphegor states that he only blasted them out of the corpses.


The spell is simple and requires no incantation. All the user has to do is gather graveyard dirt and have some angel blood poured over it with Fallen Angel's blood working as well. The caster only has to then slap their hands together and release the blood-smeared dirt onto the ground. The spell instantly expels any nearby souls from the bodies that they are possessing.

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