Billie gathering souls for the bomb

Billie gathering souls from The Veil.

Soul Control is the ability the manipulate the properties of souls.

Soul Extracting and Soul ChannelingEdit

Creatures able to extract souls from bodies or absorb it to became stronger.

Soul ManipulationEdit

  • God - God created the souls and can easily control them, as proven when he sent Kevin Tran's soul to Heaven with a wave of his hand.
  • Jack - Jack was able to remove human souls and forge them into angels.
  • Billie - The reaper was able to open the Veil and send all the souls that it contained into the Soul Bomb.
  • The Darkness - The Darkness was able to remove souls from humans and influence their thoughts.
  • Hugo Moriarty - Hugo's ghost was able to bind the souls of the children he had murdered to him and draw power from their souls. Only once Hugo had been destroyed could the souls he controlled be released.

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