Soul Channeling is the ability to channel a soul to power a spell or another power. It is highly dangerous and can easily destroy the person if not performed precisely. Known things with this ability are:

Characters with this ability[edit | edit source]

  • Archangels - Lucifer was able to channel through Sam's soul.
  • Seraphim - They can channel or utilize souls to boost their power to an extreme degree.
  • Humans - Henry Winchester, a member of the Men of Letters, was able to channel his soul to power a time-traveling spell. Sam Winchester performed the same spell to help Gavin MacLeod go back to his time.
  • Demons - Abaddon used the same spell as Henry Winchester to go back in time and kidnap Gavin to bring him to modernity. She was probably using the knowledges of her vessel, who was one of the Men of Letters and therefore well versed in spellcraft.
  • Ghosts - On rare occasions, ghosts have displayed the ability to draw power from other ghosts.
    • Whitman Van Ness - Was able to destroy other ghosts and absorb their energy into himself for more power.
    • Hugo Moriarty - Was able to draw upon the souls of the children he had trapped to empower himself.
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