Soul Channeling is the ability to channel a soul to power a spell or another power. It is highly dangerous and can easily destroy the person if not performed precisely. Known things with this ability are:

Characters with this ability

  • Archangels - Lucifer was able to channel through Sam's soul.
  • Seraphim - They can channel or utilize souls to boost their power to an extreme degree.
  • Humans - Henry Winchester, a member of the Men of Letters, was able to channel his soul to power a time-traveling spell.
  • Ghosts - On rare occasions, ghosts have displayed the ability to draw power from other ghosts.
    • Whitman Van Ness - Was able to destroy other ghosts and absorb their energy into himself for more power.
    • Hugo Moriarty - Was able to draw upon the souls of the children he had trapped to empower himself.
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