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Did you bring the Soul Catcher?
Is that what you're calling it?
I like Soul Catcher.
Dean and Sam argue over the name.
in Raising Hell

The Soul Catcher is a variation of the spell used to create the Soul Bomb.


With Hell Ghosts overrunning the town of Harlan, Kansas and unable to send them back to Hell, the Winchesters contact witch Rowena MacLeod about making a variation of the Soul Bomb to contain the ghosts more permanently. Rowena is unsure due to the difficulty in creating the first one, but agrees to try and manages to create the Soul Catcher, a weaker version of the original Soul Bomb. Rowena begins using it to trap the escaped ghosts, but many escape and try to break the barrier keeping them in. Rowena begins capturing the ghosts, but Francis Tumblety, possessing Arthur Ketch takes the Soul Catcher from her, intending to use it to blow open the barrier. After Dean forces Francis out of Arthur by shooting him with iron bullets, Rowena captures Francis and the remaining ghosts.

After seeing more souls rising from Hell, Rowena warns that the Soul Catcher isn't powerful enough to deal with all of the ghosts. After sensing how powerful the ghosts are and how close they are to breaking through the barrier through the Rafforza l'incantesimo spell, Rowena refuses Dean's suggestion of making more, stating that it wouldn't matter and compares the idea to "tossing mousetraps at the Great Plague."

After Eileen Leahy is revealed to have escaped from Hell and worries about going crazy, Dean suggests using the Soul Catcher to contain her. Sam is dubious about imprisoning Eileen with a bunch of psycho ghosts, but Dean suggests instead making Eileen her own as its better than where Eileen was and where she is going. However, the Soul Catcher proves to be unnecessary as Sam finds a resurrection spell created by Rowena that he is able to use to bring Eileen back to life.


The spell required mixing together an extensive list of ingredients. However, Arthur Ketch was able to shorten the process by at least two steps by electrocuting a mixture of several the ingredients. Once the spell is ready, the souls will be sucked into a crystal with a Latin incantation:


However, unlike the Soul Bomb it was based off of, the Soul Catcher was weaker and could only take a few souls at a time, giving ghosts time to teleport away if they saw it coming. Due to its weaker nature, the Soul Catcher could not hold as many souls as the Soul Bomb which could hold hundreds of thousands.

Like the Soul Bomb, it could be used as a weapon as Francis Tumblety intended to use the power of the souls held within to blow open the barrier created by the Soul Containment Barrier Spell.

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  • While helping Rowena make the Soul Catcher, Arthur Ketch refers to the process involved as alchemy.

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