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Soul Absorption is the ability to extract a soul and feed on them for survival (like Crocottas or The Darkness) or to increase one's own powers (like Angels).

Soul Consumption[]

Creatures who feeds on souls:

  • Crocottas - Crocottas need to feed on human souls for survival.
  • Shtrigas - Shtrigas have the ability to feed on a person's spiritus-vitae or life-force (a concept very connected and used interchangeably with the soul), leaving the victim comatose with fading immune systems.
  • Soul Eaters - A creature that drags people's souls into their "Nest" to consume them.
  • The Darkness - She is able to consume any kind of souls (humans' and demons') and the essence of angels.

Soul Absorption[]

Entities who absorb souls in order to increase their power:

  • Angels - Higher angels have the ability to absorb souls, an ability that makes them more powerful.
  • Demons - Crowley wanted to absorb the monster souls from Purgatory.
  • Famine - The Horsemen was able to consume souls.
  • Whitman Van Ness (only ghosts) - Whitman was able to "drain" ghosts to gain greater power (destroying the ghosts in the process).

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