When the hell did you learn to fight like that?
— Sorento to Benny
in Blood Brother

Sorento was a vampire and member of the vampirate operation.


Fifty years ago, Sorento took part in the murder of former member Benny Lafitte. On the orders of their leader, The Old Man, Quentin held down Benny's legs while Sorento chopped Benny's head off.

Eventually, Benny escaped from Purgatory and sought vengeance. He killed Quentin and two other members, before heading for the nest, only to get captured. With Benny tied up, the nest's second-in-command, Andrea Kormos, ordered Sorento to go tell The Old Man about Benny's return.

When The Old Man demanded to see Benny, Sorento dragged him over. He agreed with The Old Man that he did "wail like a baby" after Benny was killed. Sorento did not deny hating the fact that Benny's "cow" outranked him now, and cursed loudly when he realized Andrea had given Benny a means to free himself from his bounds.

Benny attacked, easily handcuffing an overpowered Sorento who was then killed, his head chopped off.


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