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Sonny is the owner of a Boys' Home that was home to a 16-year-old Dean.



Sonny used to hang out with a gang when he was younger. Unfortunately, their lifestyle got them into a correctional facility. Having had a change of heart, he began a boys' home to help troubled young men change their ways before they end up in prison.

Sonny took Dean into his boys' home, wanting to help the young man avoid jail. He gave Dean advice several times and took care of him for about two months. Within the time Dean spent in Sonny's home, the latter came to know about the Winchesters' work.

Season 9[]

Sonny gives Dean a call about a haunting case in the boys' home that Dean stayed at for two months when he was sixteen. Sonny tells the Winchesters that his farmhand Jack was killed by a tractor that hasn't worked in years.

Later that night, Sonny heard a commotion while Ruth was taking a bath because the ghost was killing her. Sonny tried to get in to save her, but couldn't open the door and Ruth was killed. Sonny called Dean and told him and later tells them that he can't find her rosary beads.

Sonny gives them access to his files to find answers and two boys that were bullying Timmy find the rosary bead and one is badly injured. After the Winchesters convince Timmy to let his mom go, Sonny thanks Dean for his help and says goodbye.



  • Similar to Dean's custom of giving people nicknames, Sonny also affectionately nicknamed him Dee-Dawg.