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The real Amara does have a hold on me, but you... are nothing but a cheap imitation.

This unnamed Qareen was under the control of the witch Sonja.


At some point, this Qareen was enslaved by the witch Sonja. Sonja's plan was to use the Qareen as part of a curse she had created to kill unfaithful men, anyone they kissed and the wife who cast the curse in the first place.

After Sonja sold the curse to Melissa Harper in the guise of a love spell, Melissa cast it upon her husband Dan who passed the curse on to their babysitter Staci Altman. That night, as Dan and Melissa were out for Valentine's Day, the Qareen took on the form of Dan and entered the Harper home. As the Qareen affectionately greeted Staci, it punched through her chest and ripped out Staci's heart, killing her. The Qareen then departed with Staci's heart.

Staci's murder drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who suspected a werewolf attack. From the Harpers' nanny cam, the Winchesters witnessed "Dan" kill Staci and suspected that it was in fact a shapeshifter due to the Qareen displaying the same retinal flare as a shapeshifter in the video.

The night after Staci's murder, the Qareen took on the form of Staci to confront the heartbroken Dan in his office, nearly knocking over his assistant Gladys in the process. The Qareen told the freaked-out Dan that it wanted his heart, backed him up against a partition and punched through his chest to rip out his heart. The Qareen then departed in the form of Staci, still holding Dan's heart.

The following night, the Qareen took on the form of Dan to kill Melissa, knocking at her door. However, "Dan's" appearance frightened Melissa who knew that her husband was dead. The Qareen broke in, but Melissa hit in the face with mace and a vase, allowing her to escape.

Shortly after the Winchesters determined what was going on, the Qareen broke into their motel room to kill Melissa. The Qareen threw Sam across the room before being shot several times in the chest by Dean with silver bullets. The silver bullets had no effect on the monster and Dean kissed Melissa to transfer the curse to himself and protect Melissa. As the Qareen shifted its attention to Dean, Sam hit it with a chair, briefly stunning the Qareen and allowing the Winchesters and Melissa to depart. As they fled, the Qareen recovered and shifted from Dan into the form of Amara, Dean's deepest, darkest desire.

As the Winchesters searched The Art of Dyeing for the Qareen's heart to kill it, the Qareen appeared to Dean in the form of Amara in the basement. The Qareen detected Dean's desire and love for Amara and how it was cloaked in shame. The Qareen attempted to convince Dean that "she" was his inevitability, but Dean recognized that while he couldn't resist the real Amara, the Qareen was not her and so did not have such a hold over him.

Grabbing a knife, Dean engaged the Qareen in a fight, but proved to be no match for the monster's immense strength. After punching through several objects, the Qareen disarmed Dean and prepared to kill him.

As the Qareen went to deliver a final blow to Dean, Sam killed Sonja and pierced the Qareen's heart with a small knife, stopping its blow. As the Qareen stood in shock, Sam dragged his knife through its heart, destroying the heart. With a scream, the Qareen imploded into a small ball of light that then exploded into dust.

In the aftermath, Sam found the signs of the fight between the Qareen and Dean and Dean was forced to admit that the Qareen took on the form of Amara. Sam expressed no surprise that Dean's deepest, darkest desire was God's sister and didn't judge his brother for it.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Qareen, it was a fairly powerful monster.

  • Shapeshifting - The Qareen was able to shift into the form of its target's deepest darkest desire.
  • Telepathy - This Qareen could read a person's mind and learn who their deepest, darkest desire is so they can take their form.
  • Empathy - The Qareen stated that it could read Dean's heart and detected his love for Amara but could also tell that it was cloaked in shame.
  • Super Strength - The Qareen displayed an immense level of strength. As well as throwing around full-grown humans, it was able to punch through a person's chest and rip out their hearts effortlessly. It could also punch through wood and even a thick metal cover with no apparent effort.
  • Super Stamina - Once it had a target, it would not stop following the target until said target was eliminated.
  • Invulnerability - The Qareen could only be killed by a stab to its heart. Silver bullets to its chest caused it no real harm, but it could be briefly stunned. Being hit in the head with a vase and later a chair stunned it momentarily but it quickly recovered.


  • Magic - The witch Sonja was able to enslave it through magic.
  • Destruction of its Heart - The only known way to kill a Qareen is to destroy its heart.
  • Retinal Flare - Like shapeshifters, they can be identified by a retinal flare that shows when they are filmed.
  • Strong Physical Blows - While unable to kill it, a strong enough physical blow was able to stun the Qareen briefly. Being hit in the face with a vase stunned it momentarily, allowing Melissa Harper to flee. Being hit in the head with a chair knocked the Qareen to the ground and it didn't get up again for a couple of minutes. Both times it recovered from the blow fairly quickly and suffered no lasting damage.


  • The way it died resembles the way that Amara killed Metatron.
  • The way it stalked and killed its victims is very similar to how the main antagonist of It Follows kills its victims; both stalked victims that were infected with a curse. Both curses were transmittable through some kind of contact.