Sonja was the evil witch who operated in Hudson, Ohio.


Sonja was often approached by women grieving over their ruined love lives. Although Sonja agreed that the men were wrong, she also blamed the women for repeating the same mistake over and over again.

She thus decided to kill these people as punishment.

While Dean confronted his "darkest desire", Sonja used her powers to suffocate Sam. They were interrupted by the arrival of Melissa. Although Melissa did not have the courage to harm Sonja, her presence distracted Sonja long enough for Sam to retrieve a gun loaded with witch-killing bullets and shoot Sonja twice, killing her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sonja was a powerful witch.

  • Spell Casting - As a witch, Sonja can cast powerful spells.
    • Spell Creation - Sonja created the deadly Kiss of Death curse.
    • Strangulation - Through the Strangulation Spell, Sonja is capable of magically strangling people to death.
    • Binding - Through a spell, Sonja can bind others to chairs with her mind. However, she requires concentration to hold the spell and if her concentration is broken, then the spell and her hold over the person is broken.




Trivia Edit

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