• Castiel smites a vampire, Lenore]]
  • Castiel smiting two demons.

Smiting is a powerful ability where a being kills another being, generally by touching them.

Angels can inherently smite most demons and monsters (except Leviathans and Eve) as well as humansArchangels and Seraphim can smite demons effortlessly and kill them instantly. When it comes to regular angels, it takes more concentration and if they are too physically or mentally weak, it will not work and they will only be able to smite black-eyed demons but not high-tier ones, such as Alastair.

It is implied that an angel cannot smite a demon outside of a vessel, as Castiel pushed a demon back into its host while it was trying to escape, before smiting it. If a demon or human has been smote, the vessel's eyes light up with a white holy light, burning the eyes and killing the host. Apparently, angels can control how powerful their smite is, and can choose if it will kill their targets, or simply burn out their eyes, which usually happens to people who attempt to view the true form of an angel.

Variations Edit

After consuming large amounts of demon blood, Sam Winchester was able to smite high-ranking demons such as Lilith and Alastair. This demonic version seems to make the demon glow with yellow light that illuminates the skeleton - similar to the Colt and the demon-killing knife - then the demon and vessel die. This version did not require physical contact with the target but instead required mental power. Similarly to Sam, the Prince of Hell, Asmodeus, also did not require touch to smite several demons, unlike angels. However, the source of this power seems to have been the grace of the archangel Gabriel, possibly explaining this.

The ritual to release Death from his coffin was able to smite several demons, causes them to flash an orange light from their eyes and mouths as they collapsed dead, which also occurred when Sam consented to Lucifer, as he had consumed more demon blood than he had ever consumed beforehand.

The Knight of Hell Cain displayed a similar power, except the light was red instead of white.

Rit Zien are able to smite their victims, whether they be humans, demons, or even lesser angels. Their smiting manifests as a bright pink glow from their hands, which caused the target to explode instantaneously at the molecular level, leaving only a pink liquid substance of the remains of the target in the vicinity.

The angels of Heaven are capable of uniting their power to perform an immense beam of light in order to smite a target. The beam shoots down from the sky and causes a large crater in the ground. The angels can also control how powerful the blast is. The beam was powerful enough to damage The Darkness and in her weakened state, to knock her unconscious.

The Apocalypse World version of the archangel Michael is able to perform a smiting from across the room simply by making his eyes glow and concentrating.

With just a snap of his fingers, God was capable of smiting a being as powerful as the Nephilim Jack.

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