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Slumber Party is the 4th episode of Season 9. It aired on October 29th, 2013.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean discover that the table in the Men of Letters house (the one that lit up like a Christmas Tree when the angels fell), has an ancient computer attached to it. They figure if they can get the computer on, they can track the angels. Who better to call for help than the best IT girl there is? Charlie (guest star Felicia Day). While moving the massive computer, they dislodge a hidden hexbag that unleashes a magical green-webbed wall. Sam and Dean break through it and discover the one and only Dorothy (guest star Tiio Horn) from Oz. She had trapped herself and the wicked witch (guest star Maya Massar) in the web years ago to stop the witch from finding the key that would open the gate that connected their world with Oz. With the wall broken, a massive and magical fight ensues that threatens to destroy the Men of Letters house.


In 1935, two men named James Haggerty and Peter Jenkins enter the Men of Letters bunker, quickly finding themselves bored with the uneventful Men of Letters lifestyle over the next few months. At long last, a famed girl named Dorothy arrives looking for help to kill a witch, while back in the present, Sam presses Crowley to deliver the names of more demons. Dean brings back a Game of Thrones DVD for a slumber party of sorts, while Sam busies himself with rigging the ancient Men of Letters computer to help track angels.

After knocking over a mysterious bottle in the process of trying to fix the computer, Dean brings back Charlie for her expertise in decoding the ancient machine. Charlie reveals that she has experimented with hunting on her own, but finds the experience less magical and filled with the fantasy she'd prefer. While the group watches Game of Thrones and awaits the files to transfer to Charlie's computer, Dean notes how Sam has yet to come to consider the base a home, and the mysterious bottle downstairs uncorks itself and begins forming a webbing on the wall behind it.

Dorothy freed of her seven decade prison

Back in the past, Dorothy presents a captive Wicked Witch that she's been unable to kill, though the witch soon breaks free and possesses Jenkins, forcing Haggerty to kill him, while Dorothy flees to create a spell against the witch. Meanwhile, in the present, the trio returns downstairs to find the bottle created a hole in the wall, out from which tumbles Dorothy. Once Dorothy acclimates to her present situation, revealing herself to indeed be the Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz books, the time-traveler explains how she trapped the witch in the bottle with her for years, though both have now clearly escaped.

Dorothy explains that the witch has been seeking something within the Men of Letters base, for which Sam and Dean leave to find the wicked witch. While Charlie fan-girls, Dorothy admits her father, L. Frank Baum, got the mythology all wrong in writing his books, though Charlie reasons she could at least rig up some poppy seed bullets that would stun the witch. Upstairs, Sam and Dean find that the witch visited with Crowley, revealing that she intends to find a key hidden somewhere within the base.

Sam and Dean Winchester find Charlie and Dorothy in the kitchen, while Dorothy explains that the key would open the portal to Oz (part of Avalon), returning the witch to her armies. Dean recalls that he found the key during an earlier inventory of the base, and kept it in his room after Dorothy shows them a drawing of it. Sam and Dorothy explore the base looking for the witch, while Charlie and Dean search his bedroom. Dean finds the key, though the witch appears and lobs a blast at Dean that Charlie jumps in front of.

Dean finds the blast to have killed Charlie, though when Sam enters the room, Dean quickly urges Ezekiel to take over and return Charlie to life. Ezekiel warns that fighting the witch would prove a better use of his power than reviving the girl, though he ultimately acquiesces and brings Charlie back to life. Sam regains consciousness, swearing he heard Dean call him "Zeke," while Dorothy reveals to Charlie that she actually died, rather than lose consciousness as Dean had told her. Sam and Dean continue to search the base, Dean taking the opportunity to remind Sam he should consider the base a home.

Dorothy explains to Charlie how her father created the stories as a revisionist history of sorts, though Charlie quickly points out that they seem to provide clues for Dorothy, giving the latter an idea. Meanwhile, the witch gets the drop on Sam and Dean, possessing them both as she sets about opening a portal to Oz and trying to call forth her Flying Monkeys army. Charlie and Dorothy arrive to the Men of Letters garage, retrieving the two ruby slippers from Dorothy's old motorcycle with intent to use the heels to kill the witch, before the possessed Sam and Dean appear. Both boys manage to overpower the girls, but Charlie manages to incapacitate Dean by kicking his groin. Dorothy tries to take on both the guys, but fails.

Charlie finds the witch in the midst of her spell, stabbing with the shoes to finally kill the wicked woman and seal the portal before any flying monkeys get through.

Dorothy and Charlie travel to Oz

Back in the garage, Dean notes on how the Impala looks nice in there while Dorothy compliments them on their talents as men of letters. With the threat abated and the key in possession, Dorothy opts to return to Oz, inviting Charlie along with her for the adventure. An excited Charlie accepts and says her goodbyes, promising to keep Dean's secret about resurrecting her, and the boys watch the two head off down the yellow brick road. Amazed by the sights, Sam compliments how cool their home is, as Dean notes on Sam's new outlook.


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  • Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland
  • For Those About to Rock by AC/DC



  • Charlie was brought to reconfigure the computer to be able to track angels. They forgot about that in the whole Wicked Witch fiasco.
  • Charlie says the title of this episode.
  • The date on Charlie's tablet is 5th June, 2013.
  • Kevin is taking a break in Branson, Missouri, which is about 7 hours from the Bunker.
  • Charlie uses the Ruby Slippers to kill the Wicked Witch. The Ruby Slippers were an invention of the 1936 Film. In the book series they were known as the Silver Shoes.
  • The message on the lower left of the alternate title card reads, "This is for the SPNFamily whose dedication and love drive us to continue creating this wonderful world. Keeping up the Family Business."
  • Charlie and Dorothy bond during the episode and at the end, Dorothy invites Charlie back to Oz with her, an offer Charlie accepts. Their friendship may be referencing the term "friend of Dorothy", a slang term for a gay person, as Charlie is a lesbian.
  • The Wicked Witch zapped Charlie, and killed her. Charlie said while she was out she experienced spending Christmas with her family, and Dorothy claims that she was in Heaven. However this is impossible, since no souls went to heaven after the fall. It is possible that the witches zap put her into a deep sleep like state.
  • Busty Asian Beauties makes another appearance, in the form of an old copy called Voluptuous Asian Lovelies.
  • Gadreel tells Dean that the more he uses his powers, the longer he takes to heal Sam and himself. He is also barely back at half-strength since healing Castiel.
  • Sam notes that Dean called someone "Zeke".


  • Whilst dead, Charlie changes the position of her legs when the camera cuts away.


The Wizard of Oz and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz references[]

  • Crowley: "This litter box is warded against everything, even Wicked Witches. Big fan. Love your work. What's the matter? Cowardly Lion got your tongue?"
    • Refers to the characters of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Cowardly Lion
  • Charlie: (to Sam and Dean after killing the Witch) "Ding dong, bitches!"
    • A twist on the song "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead"
  • Sam: "Of course. There's no place like home."
    • Refers to the famous quote from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    • In the film adaptation of the L. Frank Baum book, the Wizard tries to get Dorothy home in his hot air balloon, but Toto runs away and Dorothy chases after him meaning that he leaves without her. Glinda the Good Witch of the East soon arrives and tells her that she can still return home by tapping the heels of her ruby slippers together three times and repeating, "There's no place like home". By doing this, Dorothy "returns" home to her family in Kansas, where they are all waiting by her beside.
  • Dean: "Okay, pace yourself, Toto"
    • refers to Dorothy's dog, Toto
  • Charlie: "Oz is this real!"
    • refers to The Land of Oz, a fantasy region first introduced in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • Charlie: "You're protected by the Witch of the North's kiss."
    • refers to the character of the Good Witch of the North who in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, introduces Dorothy to Oz and sends her to meet the Wizard, after placing a protective kiss on her forehead.
  • Charlie: "Ozma of Oz --"
    • refers to the character of Princess Ozma
  • Charlie: "Do you remember the poppy fields in the first book?" "Do you remember the poppies?"
    • These quotes refer to the poppy field that Dorothy, Toto and the Cowardly Lion fell asleep in, as the smell of the poppies made them tired.
  • Crowley: "Wow. If it isn't the Scarecrow and the Tin Man."
    • refers to the characters of the Scarecrow and the Tin Man
  • Dorothy: "She's got armies of witches, flying monkeys."
    • refers to the flying monkeys that the Wicked Witch of the West commanded to capture Dorothy and her companions
  • Dorothy: "Did you really walk down a brick road in these?" "Yellow bricks or not, give me the open road any day."
    • these quotes refer to the Yellow Brick Road
  • Charlie: "A scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion?"
    • refers to the characters of the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion
  • Dorothy: "Come help me find my damn dog."
    • refers to Dorothy's dog Toto
  • Sam: "If you need anything, just, uh, tap your heels together three times, okay?"
    • In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Glinda the Good Witch of the East tells Dorothy that she can still return home by tapping the heels of her ruby slippers together three times.


  • Jenkins: [about the bunker] Dump? Are you kidding? Do you realize where we are? This dump is the last true beacon of light in a world gone topsy-turvy. This dump is the epicenter of the ultimate chess match between good and evil.

  • Haggerty: There's nothing worse than adventure, my boy. Trust me.

  • Dorothy: Despite all my lady parts, I managed to capture the Wicked Witch.

  • Dorothy: Yellow bricks or not, give me the open road any day.

  • Charlie: The company I was working for was outsourcing to child labor, so I took a big WikiLeak all over that.

  • Charlie: I had a tooth on a teenage vampire and a ghost, which sounds like a YA novel if you say it out loud.

  • Sam: This isn't our home, this is where we work.
  • Dean: What's the difference?

  • Charlie:[to Dorothy, about the Men of Letters] These guys may have been sexist, but like all librarians, they were wicked smart too.

  • Charlie:[to Dean] You keep your porn meticulously organized?

  • Dorothy: Charlie, you died. Don't worry about it, though. You're not a real Hunter until you've died and come back again.

  • Dorothy: Sometimes real life is darker than fiction.

  • Charlie: [before kicking Dean] Sorry about the nards, Dean.

  • Charlie: Now heel! [stabs the Witch in the face with the heel of the Ruby Slippers, killing her]

  • Dorothy: You have no idea how odd it is having a series of books written about you.
  • Sam: Actually, I do know, and it is definitely weird. But you know what? At the end of the day it's our story, so we get to write it.

  • Sam: There's no place like home.

International Titles[]

  • German: Pyjamaparty (Slumber Party)
  • Hungarian: Ottalvós buli (Slumber Party)




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