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*'''Crowley''': ...Keep the muffins.
*'''Crowley''': ...Keep the muffins.
''[Crowley vanishes; Dick smirks and goes back to reading the paper]''
''[Crowley vanishes; Dick smirks and goes back to reading the paper]''
== International Titles ==
* '''French: '''Copie Conforme ''(Certified Accurate)''
==Promotional Stills==
==Promotional Stills==

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Slash Fiction is the 6th episode of Season 7. It aired on October 28th, 2011.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean are once again on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list when two Leviathans clone the brothers and go on a killing spree. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, Sam and Dean need to drop off the grid so Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) sends them to Frank Deveraux (guest star Kevin R. McNally), a quirky surveillance expert, for help. Meanwhile, Bobby continues to search for a way to kill the Levianthans, or at least slow them down, so the real Winchesters can stop their evil doppelgangers.


42° 21.102' N 79° 19.452' W

Dean and Sam walk into a bank and Dean tells his brother to trust him. He then goes to the counter, flirts with Megan the teller, and asks for change for a $100. Dean and Sam then pull out guns and tell everyone to get into the vault. They then open fire and kill everyone, making sure that they are captured on camera.

At a hidden cabin, Bobby injects the captive Chet with various substances to get him to talk, but nothing affects him. When Sam and Dean arrive, Chet informs them that Edgar is still alive, despite the fact that they dropped a car on him. He explains that he tracked them using pattern recognition software and the knowledge of their aliases they obtained from Castiel's mind, and informs them that he's the least of their concerns. Chet tells them to watch the news and they tune into a broadcast of Sam and Dean killing the people in the bank. They realized that the Leviathans duplicated them, and Chet calls out that they were able to get some hair samples from a shower drain. Sam figures the Leviathans are trying to discredit them and Bobby says that they have to stay in hiding rather than go after them. The brothers insist on dealing with their duplicates and Bobby sends them to talk to Frank Devereaux, an old friend.

The brothers head for Frank's and stop for gas. Sam goes inside to get food and realizes that the cashier has recognized them from the newscasts. He and Dean quickly drive off before the police can arrive.

FBI special agents Morris and Valente arrive at a new bank shooting but get word that Sam and Dean have been spotted over a thousand miles away, and head out to investigate.

Dean and Sam arrive at Frank's. The house appears deserted and the door is unlocked. The brothers go inside and find Frank waiting, holding a gun on them. He figures they are the real Winchesters, not the doppelgangers, and asks who they are. When they finally confirm that Bobby sent them, Frank disgustedly accepts who they are and that he owes Bobby for saving his life. He then takes them into his workshop where he has dozens of monitors tuned into the internet. The brothers ask for help and Frank says that he can wipe all of their IDs, but they'll have to stay out of sight of any security cameras, and insists that the government is monitoring all of them. He then smashes Sam's laptop and gives him a new one, demanding $5,000.

Bobby keeps trying to find something that will hurt Chet but has no success. Chet warns that once the spell wears off, he'll break free and eat first Bobby and then everyone he knows. Angry, Bobby successfully decapitates him.

The next morning, Frank gives the brothers a list of the banks that their duplicates have hit. Sam thanks him but Frank says that he's sending them to get killed. He also warns them to lose the Impala because the duplicates are using one as well.

Sheriff Mills shows up at Bobby's doorstep with beer and tries to thank him and he invites her in. She wonders how he's doing given that his house has been burned down, but Bobby insists that he's fine. Mills offers to cook and he agrees, and then goes downstairs to check on Chet. He discovers that the head has crawled back and reattached itself, and Chet says that it won't be that easy. Bobby agrees but says that it's a start and decapitates him again.

Dean and Sam drive off in a new car, but Dean isn't happy that Baby is locked up. Sam finally realizes that their duplicates are hitting the towns that the brothers originally worked after they got back together. They head for St. Louis, the next town on the list, and Dean looks forward to stopping at his favorite diner.

The duplicate Sam and Dean are eating at the diner and discussing their originals' issues. They wonder why the Winchesters are so important, but they have no choice but to obey orders. The duplicates then tell one of the patrons to start taking video of them and then pull out guns and take everyone hostage.

Bobby calls to tell Sam and Dean that decapitation will slow the Leviathans down. They hear Mills in the background but Bobby denies that he has a woman there. He then tells them that their duplicates have already struck in St. Louis, and the brothers figure they're heading for Ankeny, Iowa.

Morris and Valente arrive in St. Louis and check out the diner. They see the footage of the brothers killing people, finishing up with the cameraman. They then address the camera, saying that they're heading for Iowa.

As Bobby prepares to try electricity, he brushes Chet's arm and the Leviathan transforms into Bobby, with all of his memories. The creature taunts Bobby with how sad his life is.

Sam and Dean arrive in Ankeny and spot their doppelgangers. They call Bobby but he admits that he doesn't have anything better than decapitation. Before the Winchesters can move in, the police arrive and arrest them, just as their duplicates planned.

Bobby's doppelganger tells him that he just pretends to be a cynic, and that he has hopes to end up with Mills. The doppelganger asks why he bothers, and Bobby picks up a machete and prepares to cut him. Before he can say anything, fluid drips down from the ceiling onto the doppelganger, causing him to scream in pain as his skin burns. Bobby goes up and finds Mills cleaning the floor. He kisses her and then asks what was in the bucket.

Sam and Dean demand a phone call but the sheriff puts Dean in a cell and sends Sam to the interrogation room. Outside, their doppelgangers take on the form of deputies, go inside, and start killing officers. Meanwhile, the sheriff goes to see Dean, who insists that he's innocent and asks for one phone call. The sheriff relents and calls Bobby, trying to explain what's going on without giving things away to the sheriff. Bobby tells him that the Leviathans are vulnerable to sodium borate. The sheriff listens in and finally cuts off the call, thinking that Bobby and the Winchesters are nuts. However, when he goes back to the squad room, he sees two of his deputies eating the others. As the sheriff watches, they transform back into Sam and Dean. He goes back and frees Dean, who tells him to find anything with sodium borate in it.

The Dean doppelganger finds Sam locked up in the interrogation room and goes inside, explaining who he is. Dean grabs a gun from one of the dead deputies and runs into the Sam doppelganger. It easily disarms him and throws him against the wall. The Dean doppelganger tells Sam how much he's grown to them, and says that they could be so much more if they weren't worried about doing good. Dean goes for a fire axe and the sheriff throws sodium borate on the doppelganger, giving Dean the opportunity to decapitate it.


Dean decapitates his Leviathan counterpart.

The Dean doppelganger tells Sam that Dean thinks he's insane and killed Amy, and then enjoys the look of shock on Sam's face. It prepares to eat Sam, but Dean breaks in, douses it with sodium borate, and decapitates it. The sheriff frees Sam and agrees to help fake their deaths when the FBI arrives. Sam hesitates and Dean asks if he's fine, and Sam says that he is.

Later, the sheriff and his daughter, the coroner, tells Valente and Morris that he got the drop on the brothers and shot them, and then sent their bodies to the crematorium. The agents are unhappy that there are no bodies, but decide to take the easy way out and close the case.

Mills prepares to leave and Bobby thanks her for the help. He then says that there's one more thing. He gives her Chet's head and asks her to toss it in the river, and then kisses her on the check. Mills smiles and leaves.

The sheriff's daughter is examining the body and telling her father that it's not human. Agent Valente returns and says it doesn't matter, and then reveals that he's a Leviathan and eats them. He wraps up the corpses and then calls his boss, Richard "Dick" Roman, and explains that Sam and Dean's doppelgangers were decapitated and their heads were taken. Roman figures that they can't try the same thing twice without giving things away to the media.

Roman gets into his limo and finds Crowley waiting for him. Crowley introduces himself and suggests that they should work together. When Roman wonders why, Crowley points out that he opened the portal. However, Roman isn't impressed and says that he isn't interested in working with demons, which he considers lower than humans. In fact, Dick goes on, if the Leviathans weren't so busy with other matters, they'd wipe all the demons out of existence. Crowley considers and then teleports away.

Dean and Sam pull over to dump the heads, but Dean soon realizes something is bothering his brother. Sam finally tells his brother that he knows about Amy and then walks away, saying that he can't be around Dean right now. He tells Dean to go on without him, and Dean apologizes and watches Sam leave.


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Recurring Cast

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Featured Supernatural Beings



  • Antagonists: Dick Roman, Chet, Leviathan Sam, Leviathan Dean and Leviathans.
  • Dick Roman previously appeared in the 2nd episode of the season, Hello, Cruel World as Castiel
  • The ending scene end in a similar fashion to previous episodes where the Winchesters separate. (Good God, Y'all and Caged Heat).
  • This is the third appearance of Dick Roman and James Patrick Stuart's first appearance as the character.
  • The Leviathan Sam and Dean are killing in the same order the Season 1 episodes are were in (i.e. Pilot, Wendigo, Dead In The Water).
  • The Leviathan's clone ("Metalliclone") of the real Winchester's 1967 Impala is distinguished from the original "Metallicar" as having the license plate "E6L 3015", having Cragar S/S 17" rims (which the real Dean Winchester becomes interested in stealing from their Leviathan clones after the ordeal is completed), and lacking the windshield post-mounted dual police spotlights.
  • When the two Leviathans are posing as Sam and Dean in the diner, their robbery reminisces Pulp Fiction.
    • This is continued when Bobby says "Pumpkin and Honey-Bunnied a diner" Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny are the names of the two robbers in Pulp Fiction.
  • This episode shares a number of similarities with "Jus In Bello", mainly in that in both episodes, Sam and Dean are arrested and thrown in jail, and eventually end up working with the police to defeat the monsters that attack the station to get to them. After defeating the monsters, the police let Sam and Dean go and try to cover things up, only to be killed off at the very end.
  • Jensen Ackles' sister Mackenzie Ackles cameos in this episode. She is the blonde with long hair at the diner with Leviathan Dean and Leviathan Sam.
  • S. E. Hinton the author of The Outsiders is in this episode as an extra.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode misspells Leviathans as Levianthans.

Featured Music

  • All Out Of Love by Air Supply


  • Bobby: Okay, Chet, let's see how you like a little fruit of the poison tree.
  • Chet: Isn't that just a legal expression?
  • Bobby: You're gonna wish it was.

  • Bobby: These things are smarter than you.
  • Sam: Geez, Bobby, don't sugarcoat it.

  • Bobby: Well, if you're gonna be stupid, you might as well be smart about it.

  • Frank: Guy saves your life one time, and, what, you owe him the rest of yours?
  • Dean: That's usually how it works, yeah.

[Bobby shoots Chet]

  • Chet: WUHUU!! Do it again! Come on, do it again!

  • Sam: Um, great, so what is the pattern?
  • Frank: No clue, man. I can't see it.
  • Sam: Seems random.
  • Frank: Little tip from a pro—there is no such thing as a random series of robbery murders by your evil twins.

  • Bobby: What the hell are you doing here?
  • Jody: You're all charm, Bobby.
  • Bobby: So my therapist keeps telling me.

  • Jody: I, uh... I wanted to come thank you.
  • Bobby: Thank me?
  • Jody: Well, yeah, seeing as they were fresh out of "thanks for saving me from liver-eating surgeon" cards at the store.
  • Bobby: Yeah, that. Just doing my job. Which nobody pays me for.
  • Jody: Right.

  • Sam: It's temporary, Dean.
  • Dean: Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
  • Sam: You know that's a line from...
  • Dean: Swayze movie. Swayze always gets a pass!

  • Leviathan Dean: [gesturing to bacon cheeseburger] You know, he has one of these ... every day. And in his heart, he thinks it's almost as good as sex. This ... [puts burger on the plate] is disgusting.
  • Leviathan Sam: [pushes away his salad] Dead plants with creamy goo. It's like eating self-righteousness. I mean, you tell me which is worse.
  • Leviathan Dean: I mean, honestly, I just ... you know what? I can't stand the guy. Talk about a hero complex. And he doesn't have relationships. No, he has applications for sainthood. Oh, and he thinks he's funny. He thinks he's a damn comedian.
  • Leviathan Sam: Who has two thumbs and full-blown bats in the belfry? I'm serious. It's nothing but full blown Satan-vision on the inside. I mean, how he's walking around in a jacket with detachable arms is beyond me. You know, I had a brother with this many issues once.
  • Leviathan Dean: Yeah?
  • Leviathan Sam: You know what I did?
  • Leviathan Dean: Hmmm?
  • Leviathan Sam: I ate him.
  • Leviathan Dean: Of course you did.

  • Jody: Hey, you take mayo, right, Bobby?
  • Dean: [over the phone] You got a chick over there?
  • Bobby: What? No.
  • Dean: Are you even working, Richard Gere?
  • Bobby: Shut up, you idjit.

  • Leviathan Bobby: (to Bobby) Your favorite singer is Joanie friggin' Mitchell? Ah, Bobby. You are 10 pounds of sad in a 5-pound bag.

  • Bobby: You a Browning fan?
  • Leviathan Bobby: Come again?
  • Bobby: Robert Browning. Poet. You got that name rattling around up there with the rest of my thoughts and feelings?
  • Leviathan Bobby: Well, it's kind of hard to sift through all the drunken blackouts, but...
  • Bobby: "A man's reach should exceed his grasp."
  • Leviathan Bobby: I like that. That's actually lovely. Browning? After I eat you, I'm definitely going to hit the library.

  • Leviathan Dean: [to Sam] I just don't get it. You could be anything. You're strong. You're uninhibited. You're smart enough, believe it or not.

  • Crowley: A token.
  • Dick Roman: You shouldn't have. I love a muffin.
  • Crowley: 100% organic baby uvulas. Gluten-free.
  • Dick Roman: So considerate.

  • Crowley: Straight talk. We should be friends, you and I.
  • Dick Roman: Why? Why in the world would we be?
  • Crowley: Well, I brought you here, Dick. I found a way to open the door to Purgatory.
  • Dick Roman: To steal every last soul, you mean. You and that angel friend of yours. Don't roofie me and call it romance.
  • Crowley: I think you've got me wrong.
  • Dick Roman: Now it's your turn to listen. I'd sooner swim through hot garbage than shake hands with a bottom-feeding mutation like you. You demons are ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores. You're less than humans, and they're not good for much until you dip them in garlic sauce. I'd never work with you, Crowley. In fact, if I wasn't busy with better things, I might actively wipe your kind from the face of the Universe. And you'd deserve it. Are we clear?
  • Crowley: ...Keep the muffins.

[Crowley vanishes; Dick smirks and goes back to reading the paper]

International Titles

  • French: Copie Conforme (Certified Accurate)

Promotional Stills

  • Sam and Dean at the Bar
  • "Sam" and "Dean" with guns
  • Crowley in the Limo
  • Crowley reading something in the Limo
  • Crowley
  • "Dean" with a gun
  • Dean pointing the gun
  • Sam putting his hands up


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