The Skirmish at Balthazar's Mansion was a skirmish between Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Balthazar and Raphael and his followers.


Following the end of the Apocalypse,[1] the archangel Raphael became determined to release Michael and Lucifer to restart it and was opposed by the recently promoted Seraphim Castiel and his followers.[2]

During the chaos of the Apocalypse, the angel Balthazar took advantage of the situation to fake his death and flee Heaven with its weapons for his own use. One such weapon, the Staff of Moses he gave to Aaron Birch to get revenge on his brother's killers with in exchange for his soul. The use of such a weapon drew the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester who called upon Castiel for help. After learning of who was responsible by reading Aaron's soul, they were set upon by one of Rapahel's angels who had followed Castiel and thus heard who was responsible. After a brief fight, the angel fled and Castiel was forced to tell the Winchesters the truth. Locating Balthazar through a tracking spell, Castel takes them to Balthazar's mansion to get him to break his deal with Aaron before Raphael could find him.

At the mansion, Castiel found Balthazar who had used the weapons to incapacitate Raphael's angel and asked for his help in the civil war by giving him the weapons, but Balthazar refuses, telling Castiel that he'll help him in any other way. Balthazar explains that he doesn't believe that the war can be won and advises Castiel to steal something valuable and flee. Just after stating that with the weapons he can hold off Raphael if he appears, the two angels realize Raphael has arrived when thunder sounds and Balthazar flees, leaving Castiel and the Winchesters to deal with Raphael by themselves.[3]


While Raphael and one of the two angels he brought with him enter the mansion to fight Castiel, the third angel patrols the perimeter and finds Sam. Both Sam and the angel draw angel blades, but the angel teleports behind Sam and holds his angel blade to his throat. However, the whole thing was a trick to draw the angel in close so Dean could banish him with a sigil on the side of the house.

Inside the mansion, the other angel approaches Castiel who is eventually forced to kill him when the angel won't stop advancing on him. While he's distracted, Raphael appears behind Castiel and attacks him. Castiel and Raphael fight, but Castiel is no match for an archangel and is easily beaten. After beating up Castiel, Raphael states he doesn't think God will resurrect him again and prepares to stab Castiel with his archangel blade. However, Balthazar returns suddenly and interrupts them, catching Raphael's attention and then uses Lot's Salt to turn Raphael's vessel to salt, destroying Raphael's physical form and effectively banishing him until he can find a new vessel.[3]


With Raphael gone, Balthazar tells a surprised Castiel that his losing his vessel should buy Balthazar time to get away. Before Balthazar can leave however, Dean traps him in Holy Fire in order to complete their original mission at the house. The Winchesters threaten to torch Balthazar with holy fire if he doesn't release Aaron Birch's soul and he reluctantly does so. When asked, Balthazar simply states that he wants souls for the power they hold but is released from the holy fire by Castiel as repayment for saving him from Raphael before he can say anymore.[3]


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