This unnamed skinwalker was the pack leader of a small pack of skinwalkers.


Under the orders of the Alpha Skinwalker, this pack leader arranged his pack members to pose as pets in various households. Once the signal was given, said skinwalkers were to bite and turn their "owners" into more skinwalkers.

After Lucky jeopardized the pack by killing on his own to protect Mandy and her son Aidan, the Pack Leader had his pack kidnap the two. Through his second in command, the Pack Leader ordered Lucky to turn them in front of the skinwalker pack or they'd kill all three of them. Before the threat could be carried out, Sam Winchester entered and shot the Pack Leader through the face with a silver bullet, killing him. His pack was then wiped out by Sam and Dean.


  • Silver - He was killed by a silver bullet.



  • Lucky described the Pack Leader as "plenty strong",
  • Upon seeing him, Dean called the Pack Leader "El Jefe", Spanish for "the boss."
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