Site 94 was one of the United States government-run black sites, where many unacknowledged government acts were performed. This site also served as Sam and Dean's prison, before being overrun by Arthur Ketch.


It appears as a small outpost in the middle of pine forests of Rocky Mountain National Park. It is said that once people get taken here, they can't escape alive from there.

The site provides vast amounts of resources. It also has detention chambers and a morgue installed. It is also manned by a small, but full-loaded detachment of soldiers. Like other black sites, Site 94 is unknown to the public. However, Mick Davies and Arthur Ketch knew about its existence via inside men in U.S. Government that served as British Men of Letters's double agents.

After Ketch overran the facility and assassinated the agents, it was shut down by U.S. Government, according Mick Davies's report to British Men of Letters' executives.

Known MembersEdit

  • Agent Camp - Known Head of Site 94. Killed by Arthur Ketch.
  • Agent Rick Sanchez - Head of the President Jefferson Rooney's Secret Service detail. Killed by Arthur Ketch.
  • D. Winters - Coroner of Site 94, and apparently the only civilian member of Site 94. Killed by Arthur Ketch.
  • Pvt. Norton - One of the troops stationed at Site 94. Killed by Arthur Ketch.
  • 6 unnamed soldiers - Part of detachment stationed at Site 94. Killed by Arthur Ketch.


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