Sire blood is the blood of the monster that turned a human into their species. It is an important component in curing vampires and werewolves.


After revealing the existence of the vampire cure, Samuel Campbell told the recently-turned hunter Dean Winchester that the most important ingredient was the blood of the vampire that had turned Dean, Dean's sire. After Dean wiped out Boris's nest and killed his sire Boris, they were able to get Boris's blood and create the cure.

After determining that a young woman had only recently been turned into a vampire and had not yet fed, Dean told Krissy Chambers, Aidan and Josephine Barnes that they could save the young woman if they could get the blood of her sire. Once Seth was taken down, the hunters were able to retrieve his blood to create the cure.

After Jody Mills kills the vampire Celia, the Winchesters are able to use Celia's blood to cure the recently-turned Annie "Alex" Jones. While discussing the situation with Jody afterwards, the Winchesters give Jody credit for getting them the needed blood to save Alex.

While working with British Man of Letters Mick Davies, Sam Winchester discovered that the British Men of Letters had come up with a theoretical cure for being a werewolf involving the sire's live blood. After Claire Novak was turned into a werewolf by Justin, the Winchesters chose to attempt the cure despite it having only worked once before on a mouse. Mick warned the hunters that they needed the sire werewolf's live blood, meaning that he couldn't be dead when they got it from him. During the fight with Justin, Mick managed to jab a syringe into his back that filled a vial with Justin's blood before Mick killed him. This proved to be enough for the werewolf cure to work.

After Doug Stover is turned into a vampire, Dean realizes that they can cure him as Doug has not yet turned. Doug's sire, Marlon, arrives and recognizes that they need his blood. After kneecapping Marlon with a shotgun, Donna Hanscum orders Dean to get Marlon's blood which he is able to create the cure for Doug, successfully turning Doug human again.



  • When used in the vampire cure, the blood doesn't need to be drawn from a live vampire, the sire vampire can be dead at the time that it is collected. However, in the werewolf cure, the sire blood needs to be drawn live from the sire werewolf for it to work.
  • In most cases when the sire blood is taken for the vampire cure, the vampire in question is dead. The only known time the vampire is still alive is when Marlon's blood is taken to cure Doug Stover in Breakdown.
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