Sioux Falls is a city in the U.S. state of South Dakota.


Sioux Falls was the home to hunter Bobby Singer, as well as his family by blood and not. The local Sheriff is Jody Mills. This is the location Sam and Dean frequented until the death of their father-figure at the hands of the Leviathan Dick Roman.

In 2010, the Horseman Death was instructed to resurrect deceased people from the local cemetery. These people soon became flesh-eating zombies until the Winchester brothers managed to put them to rest.

A few years later, the Leviathans took over Sioux Falls General Hospital, and from there, hunted Bobby down until they destroyed his house. They were defeated upon the death of their leader, Dick, at the hands of Dean and Castiel.

In 2014, Alex ran away from her vampire family to Sioux Falls, where she was soon tracked down, but also where she met Jody Mills, who eventually became her adopted mother. This city also became the residence for Claire Novak, who was forced to leave her home in Pontiac, Illinois following the disappearance, and subsequent death of both her parents.

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