Mysterious cell phone messages turn law-abiding citizens into killing machines. The brothers' investigation leads them to an easy-going slacker who shares Sam's psychic abilities.


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An older man is walking along on the sidewalk beside a road. His cell phone rings, and he answers it. He sees odd visions of himself holding a gun, and says "Alright." Then he hangs up. A bus goes by on the road. The man keeps walking, and goes into a store and heads for the gun counter. He asks to see a gun, and the clerk, who knows him as he is a doctor, gives him the one he asks for. When he has it, he asks what kind of shells it uses, and the clerk shows him. The clerk then offers to take him up to the cabin with him when he goes that weekend to hunt turkey, but the doctor says no, guns freak him out. He starts loading the gun and the clerk tells him he can't load the gun on the premises, but the doctor replies "It's okay. It's all gonna be okay, Dennis." And then he shoots Dennis. Everyone in the store is screaming, but the doctor says once again that it's all going to be okay, and then he shoots himself in the head.

Sam, who has apparently seen this, is splashing water on his face in the bathroom. The door opens and Dean comes in, saying they have to hit the road, and then stops when he sees Sam's face. "What?" he asks.

Later, Dean and Sam are driving in the Impala. Dean says, "I don’t know, man. Why don't we just chill out, think about this?" Sam turns off the radio. "What's there to think about?" "I just don't know if going to the roadhouse is the smartest idea," replies Dean. "Dean, it's another premonition. I know it." He tells Dean that he knows it's going to happen, and then adds that it may have some connection with the Demon. "That's exactly my point," says Dean. "There's gonna be hunters there. I don't know if going in there and announcing that you're some kind of supernatural freak with demonic connections is the best thing, okay?" "So now I'm a freak?" says Sam, looking upset. Dean smiles at him and says, "You've always been a freak."

Jo is playing an arcade hunting game, with an older man standing beside her. When she gets a perfect score, he hands her some money and says, "Damn, little lady. That was my room money." "Well I guess you're gonna be taking a truck nap tonight," she replies, and leaves. Ellen comes up and tells him he should have checked the high scores before he put his money down, as they all say "Jo" beside them. Dean and Sam walk in and Jo goes over. "Just can't stay away, huh?" she says. "No I guess not," says Dean. Sam asks where Ash is, and Jo tells him he's in his back room. Sam takes off and Dean apologizes for Sam's behaviour and says they’re kind of on a time table, then he follows his brother.

Sam is knocking on a door that says "DR. BADASS IS IN", but no one is answering. Sam looks at Dean and Dean knocks and says, "Hey, Dr. Badass." The door opens and the boys quickly turn away as apparently Ash is wearing nothing. Sam says they need his help, and he replies "Well hell then, I guess I need my pants." He grins and goes back into the room.

Ash is on his laptop, looking at the Blue Ridge busline website, and says it looks like they have a match, as the logo for the bus is in Guthry, Oklahoma. Sam asks him to check the area for any demonic signs or omens. But Ash doesn't find anything. Sam then asks him to search Guthry for a house fire, in 1983, in a baby's nursery, on the night of the baby's six month birthday. Ash gives him a look and says, "Now that is just weird man, why would I be looking for that?" But he looks for it anyway.

Jo goes to the jukebox and turns on REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore". Dean is sitting at the bar and looks up. She looks at him. "REO Speedwagon?" he says incredulously. "Damn right REO," she replies. "That profile you have Ash looking for, your mother died the same way, didn't she? A fire in Sam's nursery?" Dean replies that it's kind of a family thing. She says she could help, but he replies that they need to handle this one on their own. Then he adds, "Besides, if I ran off with you, your mother might kill me." They both glance at Ellen, who's standing a little ways away. "You're afraid of my mother?" Jo asks, and Dean smiles. "I think so." Sam comes up right then and tells Dean that they have a match, they've got to go. Dean tells Jo he'll see her later, and he gets up and leaves. Jo looks disappointed.

Dean is singing "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" as they drive. Sam eventually says to him, "You're kidding, right?" "I heard the song somewhere, I can't get it out of my head, I don't know, man. Whaddya got?" "Andrew Gallagher," replies Sam. Apparently he was born in '83, like Sam, and he lost his mother in a house fire, too. Dean asks if he thinks the Demon killed Andrew's mom, and Sam replies that it sure looks like it. Dean asks how he knew to look for this guy, and Sam says that every time he's had a premonition, it's been about one of the kids the Demon came after, like Max Miller. "Yeah, but Max Miller was a pasty little psycho," says Dean. "The point is, he was killing people. And I was having the same type of visions about him," replies Sam. "And now it could be happening all over again, with this Gallagher guy." Dean asks how they find him, but Sam says there isn't any current address where he lives, but he does have a work address.

A girl is pouring them coffee at a diner. "You won't get anything out of Andy, guys. I'm sorry, but they never do." She smiles. "They?" asks Sam. "You're debt collectors, right?" she says. "Once in a while they come by. I don't know what he says to them, but they never come back." Dean cuts in and tells her that they're actually lawyers, representing Andy's Great Aunt Lita, who passed away, but she left him a sizeable piece of estate. Sam asks her if she's a friend of Andy's, and she replies she used to be, but she doesn’t see much of him anymore. Just then a young man walks up and says, "Andy? Andy kicks ass, man!" "Is that right?" asks Dean. The guy replies that Andy can get him into anywhere, he got him backstage at an Aerosmith concert once. The girl sends him away and says if they want to find Andy, they should try Orchard Street, and look for a van with a barbarian queen painted on the side.

They have found the van, and Dean comments that he's starting to like this dude, as the van is sweet. He turns to look at Sam and he looks upset. "What's wrong?" he asks, and Sam replies nothing, but Dean keeps bugging him. Sam finally replies that Andrew is the second guy they've found like this – the Demon came for them when they were kids, and now they're killing people. Dean says they don't know what Andrew is, he could be innocent. "My visions haven't been wrong yet!" says Sam. Dean asks him what his point is, and Sam replies, "My point is, I'm one of them." "No you're not," says Dean. "The Demon said he had plans for me and all the children like me. Maybe this is his plan. Maybe we're all a bunch of psychic… freaks. Maybe we're all supposed to be…" "What, killers?" cuts in Dean. "Yeah," says Sam. "So the Demon wants you out there killing with your minds, is that it?" Dean asks. "Gimme a break. You're not a murderer, Sam! You don't have it in your bones." "No? Last I checked I kill all kinds of things." Dean replies that those things were asking for it. There's a difference. They stop talking and they see Andrew come out of his house, walk along for a bit, take a coffee from a passing man, then go up and shake hands with the same older man as Sam saw earlier in his visions. "That's him," says Sam. "That's the shooter." Sam gets out and follows the older man, while Dean stays in the car to watch Andrew. Andrew leaves in his van, and Dean follows in his Impala.

The van stops, and Dean stops behind him. Andrew gets out of his van and walks over to the Impala. Meanwhile Dean quickly puts a gun in his jacket. "Hey," says Andrew, walking up to the car. "That's a cheery ride," he says, and starts asking questions about it. Dean tells him that he just rebuilt it. "Can't let a car like this one go," he says, and Andrew agrees. "Can I have it?" he asks, and Dean gets out. "Sure!" "Thanks," says Andrew, and drives away, leaving Dean standing there.

Sam is still watching the older man, and sees his cell phone ring and the guy answer it. Sam sees the bus go by, the same one as in his vision. He goes into the store where the guy buys the gun, and then he pulls the alarm and leaves the store. The man walks up outside, then stops instead of going in, and walks away. Sam thinks everything's okay when suddenly he sees the Impala drive by with someone else in it. Then the doctor's phone rings again, and he picks it up. Sam calls Dean. "Hey! Andy's got the Impala." "I know," says Dean, "He just kinda asked me for it, and I let him take it." "You what?" says Sam. "He full on Obi-Wan-d me! It’s mind control, man!" Dean exclaims. The older man suddenly walks out into the street, and is hit full on by the bus.

Paramedics are taking the body away, while Sam and Dean are nearby. "I kept him out of the gun store," says Sam. "I thought he was okay. I thought he was passed it. I should have stayed with him."

Andy walks into the diner and the same young man as earlier comes up to him. "Andy? What's up, dawg?" He holds his hand up for a high five, but Andy walks right by and up to the girl from earlier, Tracey. He tells her that Dr. Jennings is dead, and he was upset and wanted to see her. "I'm glad you did," she says, and takes his hands. "I missed you." Then she tells him that there were a couple of guys there that morning looking for him.

Dean and Sam find the Impala parked at the side of the road, and Dean runs over. "Thank God," he says. "I'm sorry baby. I'll never leave you again. At least he left the keys in." They talk about Andy and Dean says it seems he can't work his mojo just by twitching his nose, he has to use verbal commands. Sam says that the doc had just got off his phone when he walked in front of the bus, so Andy must have called him or something. "I dunno. Maybe," says Dean. "Maybe?" says Sam. "I just don't know if he's our guy, Sam." "Dean! You had O.J. convicted before he even got out of his white Bronco and you have doubts about this?" "He just doesn't seem like the stone-cold-killer type," argues Dean. "And O.J. was guilty." Sam asks how they're gonna track this guy down, and Dean replies it's not a problem.

They have just looked for Andy's van, as it's not very inconspicuous. Dean opens the back of the van and they look inside. Inside is a disco ball and paintings of tigers on the sides. Dean says it doesn't look like a serial killer's lair, there's no clown paintings on the walls or scissors stuck in victim's photos. Sam finds some thick books inside, and says it’s some pretty heavy reading.

The boys are sitting in the Impala – Sam is reading some papers and Dean is eating lunch. "You know one day I'd just like to sit down, and eat something that I don't have to microwave at a Mini-Mart," he says. Sam says he doesn't understand the motive, as the doctor was squeaky clean. He doesn't understand why Andy would want to kill him. Dean says, "If it was Andy," and Sam gets upset. "Dude, enough! The man was mind-controlled in front of a bus. Andy just happens to have the power of mind-control. You do the math." "I just don't think the guy's got it in him, that's all," says Dean. Sam asks him why he's bending over backwards to defend Andy, and Dean replies because Sam isn't right about this. Just then Andy comes to the window and asks why they're following him. Sam starts to say they're lawyers, but Andy says, "Tell the truth!" Sam says nothing but Dean suddenly says, "We hunt demons." Sam looks at him in shock and Andy says, "What?" "Demons. Spirits. Things your worst nightmare wouldn't even touch. Sam here is my brother." "Dean, shut up!" says Sam, and Dean replies, "I'm trying," but keeps talking. "He's psychic. Like you. Well not really like you, but see, he thinks you're a murderer. And he's afraid that he's gonna become one himself, because you're all part of something terrible, and I hope to hell that he's wrong, but I'm starting to get a little scared that he might be right." Andy tells them to leave him alone, and he walks away. Sam gets out of the car and follows him. Andy tells Sam to leave him alone, but Sam keeps coming after him. Sam asks him if his powers started a year ago, little things at first, but then he got better at controlling it. Andy asks him how he knows all this, and Sam replies 'cause it happened to him too. He asks why Andy told the doctor to walk in front of a bus, and just as Andy is saying "What?" Sam starts having another vision. He sees a woman on fire next to her car. Andy says he didn't kill the doc.

A woman is at a gas station, filling up her car. Her cell phone rings and she answers it. "Sure. I can do that," she says, and hangs up. Then she goes over to the gas pump and begins pouring gasoline all over herself. A man notices and tells her to stop, but she says it's going to be okay, and lights herself up using a lighter.

Dean runs up to Sam and asks him "What is it?" Sam sits on the ground, and tells them he saw a woman burning alive. "At a gas station. She's gonna kill herself." "What does he mean, going to?" asks Andy, but Dean tells him to shut up. "She gets triggered by a call on her cell." Dean asks how long but Sam doesn't know. "But as long as we keep our eyes on this son of a bitch, he can't hurt her." Andy says he didn't hurt anyone, but they hear sirens coming, and a fire truck passes by. Sam tells Dean to go and see what's going on, and he stays with Andy.

Dean calls Sam and tells him she's dead, it happened just like Sam said. Sam asks when, and Dean tells him just before he got there. He asks what's up with his visions, it wasn’t even a head start. Sam says he doesn't know, he can't control it. Dean says they were with Andy the whole time, so it can't be him, it's gotta be someone else doing this. He says he'll dig around there and see what else he can find.

Sam is telling Andy about his premonitions. "So you have premonitions, about people who are gonna die? That's impossible," says Andy. Sam smirks. "People would say the same thing about what you can do." Andy shrugs. "Death visions? That sucks. I mean, when I got my visions, it was like a gift. It was like winning the lottery." Sam asks him why he still lives in a van, as he could have anything he ever wanted. Andy replies that he has everything he needs. Sam asks him if he's really not a killer, and Andy says, "That's what I've been trying to tell you." Dean comes back and tells them the victim's name was Holly Beckett, 41, single. He says he called Ash on the way over and Ash told him that Holly gave birth back in '83 on the same day that Andy was born. Sam asks him if he was adopted, and Andy says yes. "And you neglected to mention that?" says Dean, and Andy replies it never really came up. He says he never knew his birth parents, and asks if they really think this woman was his birth mother. Dean says he tried to find out but that information is locked up. "Screw that," says Andy.

Andy is telling the older man who works there that he should go get a coffee, and the man leaves. They start looking at the information and Sam finds that it's true. Holly Beckett was Andy's mother. He also finds that Dr. Jennings, the man who was killed, was her doctor. He was there when Holly gave birth and oversaw the adoption. Dean wonders who killed them, and Sam says he has a pretty good guess. Holly Beckett gave birth to twins.

Sam tells him that Holly put both of them up for adoption. Sam tells him brothers name is Anson. Dean is getting a picture of him. He shows Andy.

The young man from the diner walks up to Tracey, the woman who works there. He says he knows that Andy and her used to go out, and he wonders if they ever had anything serious. She says no, but he tells her to tell the truth.

Sam asks Andy to tell them everything he knows about this guy, Anson. Andy tells them that he showed up about eight months ago, and acted weird, trying too hard to be his friend. Dean wonders why he didn't just tell him the truth. Sam starts rubbing his head. He's getting another vision.

Tracey is walking over to the edge of a very high dam. Down below is water. She's crying. Then she jumps over the edge.

Sam opens the car door, groaning, and Dean runs over to him.

Anson pulls up next to the dam with Tracey in the car with him. He tells her that he always takes girls here. They like it. Or at least he likes it, so of course they like it too. She says she just wants to go home. He tells her to stop crying, and she stops. Anson then tells her that he knows how she feels about Andy, but he's Anson's family, not hers. He says she can't have him. She won't have anything, after tonight.

Sam and Dean get out of the car, and Dean opens the trunk. Sam tells Dean to stay back, and Dean agrees, saying he's had his head messed with enough for one day. Andy says he's coming, because Tracey's up there.

Meanwhile Anson is telling Tracey that when they're done, he wants her to head over to the edge of the dam, and jump off. He says that because she knows she can fly. She won't be scared. "Because you can fly, right?" he says. "I think so," she says. He tells her to just say to herself that everything is okay. Suddenly, the window breaks beside him, and Sam is there, holding a gun. He tells him to get out of the car. "You really don't want to do this," says Anson, but Sam hits him in the face and drags him out of the car. Andy takes Tracey outside of the car. Sam has put duct tape over Anson's mouth. He tells Andy to let him handle this. Suddenly Sam is hit over the head by a big branch. Tracey did it. Andy tells Tracey to stop it, and she stops. Andy looks over at Anson and asks him how he did it without verbal commands. Anson tells him it was practice. "If you have to, you can use this," he says, and touches his head. Andy goes to attack him and Anson says "Back off, Andy. Or Tracey's going to do a little flying." Andy turns around to see Tracey standing at the edge of the dam, ready to jump. Anson tells Andy he's stronger than him. Andy steps back. "Just please don't hurt her," he says. Anson asks him not to be mad at him. He says he knows, it's all wrong. It's just Tracey's trying to get between them. He says she's garbage, they all are. "We can push them! We can make them do whatever we want!" He tells Andy he wanted to tell him for so long, but he didn't let him. "He said I had to wait for the right time," he says. "Who?" asks Andy. "The man with the yellow eyes," replies Anson. Meanwhile, on the ground, Sam wakes up. "In my dream, he said I was special," says Anson. "He told me he has big plans for me. Wait 'till you see what's in store for both of us."

Dean is creeping up in the bushes with a gun. Andy asks why Anson killed their mother, and Dr. Jennings. "'Cause they split us up!" yells Anson, "They ruined our lives, Andy. We could've been together all this time. Instead of alone. I couldn't let them do that, I couldn't let them get away with that. No…" Dean loads his gun. Suddenly Anson turns around. "I see you," he says. "Bye bye." And suddenly Dean points the gun at his own head. A shot goes off. Tracey slowly turns around, and sees Anson on the ground, and Andy is holding a gun.

The police are talking to Andy, and Andy tells them that Anson shot himself, and they saw it happen. The police believe him because of his power. Sam and Dean are watching. "He's getting better at it," says Sam. Andy looks at Tracey but she looks away. "She won't even look at me," Andy says to them, and Sam replies "Yeah, she's pretty shaken up." "No, it's different. I've never used my mind thing on her. Before last night. She's scared of me now." Sam tells him that they have to leave, but he gives Andy his cell number and tells him that if anything comes up, he can call him. Andy asks what he's supposed to do now, and Dean tells him "Be good, Andy. And we'll be back." The boys walk away. "So I was right about Andy," says Sam. "He was a killer after all." "He's a hero," says Dean. "He saved his girlfriend's life. He saved my life." "Bottom line, last night, he wasted somebody," says Sam. "He's not a foaming at the mouth psycho," replies Dean. "He was pushed into that." Sam says they all were. Anson was, Max was, and Sam himself was by Jessica's death. Dean asks him what his point is, and Sam says that under the right circumstances, everybody is capable of murder. "You know maybe that's what the Demon is doing. Pushing us. Finding ways to break us." "Sam we don't know what the Demon wants, okay? Quit worrying about it." Dean walks over to the car. "I heard you before when Andy made you tell the truth. You're just as scared of this as I am," says Sam. Dean argues that he was mind controlled, and says they just have to keep doing what they're doing, and find the Demon and kill it. Then he gets a call from Ellen, and they go the roadhouse.

Ellen tells Jo to get another case of beer, and even though Jo complains, Ellen makes her go. Ellen then asks Dean and Sam if they want to tell her about the last hunt they were on. "Not really," replies Dean. "No offense, it's just kind of a family thing." "Not anymore," says Ellen, pulling out some papers. "I got this stuff from Ash. Andrew Gallagher's house burnt down on his six month birthday, just like yours. You think it was the Demon both times, don't you?" Sam says yes. Dean cuts in and says it's none of her business. She tells him to mind his tongue with her. It's not just their war, its war. She says something big is coming and it's coming fast. She says all they have is each other. "No secrets or half truths here," she adds. Sam then tells her about his powers. He tells her that the Demon said he had plans for the people like him. Ellen asks if the psychics are dangerous, and Dean says no, not all of them. Sam adds but some of them are. Ellen asks if they have anything else in common, and Dean tells her about the mother always being killed in a fire on the night of the kid's six month birthday, but Sam cuts in and says that's not true. Sam says that there was no fire in Anson's past. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ellen says that it breaks the pattern, which would make them impossible to track. "So there's no way of knowing how many are out there," says Dean. Ellen tells Jo she'd better break out the whiskey instead.

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