Father Simon was an initiate priest, who worked under Men of Letters priest Father Max Thompson in 1958 when he was working on his experimental method of curing demons.


A younger Father Simon

Early life

While working under Father Thomspon, he learned of his techniques, and was with him during one of his failed attempts to cure a demon possessing an old woman. They were also joined by Men of Letters initiate Josie Sands. In this particular incident, Thompson got close to figuring it out, but failed and all three watched the attempt fail and horribly kill the old woman.

Season 8

After Father Thompson was murdered by the demon Abaddon, Father Simon inherited all his findings and kept hold of them. He became a priest on his own, and was still alive in 2013, when he was visited by Sam and Dean Winchester, who were investigating Father Thompson's experiments. He gladly told the hunters all he knew and handed over all of Father Thompson's findings and records.



  • The actor who played older Father Simon, Donnelly Rhodes, also played Mr. Shaw, the lone survivor of a Wendigo attack, in the season 1 episode Wendigo.
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