Dr. Silvia Pearlman was one of the people that sold their soul to the Crossroads Demon that frequented Lloyd's Bar. She was eventually ripped apart by Hellhounds and her soul taken to Hell.

Early LifeEdit

In 1996 she sold her soul and quickly became the Chief of Surgery in the hospital that she worked at.

Season 2Edit

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Silvia is attacked and shortly killed, thus sending her to Hell and becoming a demon.

By 2006, her ten years were up and she was seen being dragged to Hell from the hotel room that she was hiding in. Sam and Dean were unable to get to her in time, but learn of her disappearance from her maid. Sam and Dean found a picture on Dr. Pearlman's fridge that had "1996, Lloyd's Bar" written on the back, giving them more proof that pointed to the Crossroad Demon.


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