Silver is a metal, with strong supernatural properties, and as such is the weakness of many supernatural creatures.

Creatures Silver affects

  • Djinn - A silver knife, if dipped in lambs' blood, will kill a Djinn.
  • Fairies - Silver will burn the skin of a dark Fairy, if it makes contact.
  • Jefferson Starships - It required a silver knife to kill a starship, but only if you cut off there head.
  • Lamia - A blessed silver knife, will kill a Lamia
  • Revenant - Silver has negative effects on Revenants.
  • Shapeshifters - Capable of killing shapeshifters, however the alpha shapeshifter is immune to this weakness.
  • Skinwalkers - The "cousins" of werewolves, silver is so far the only weapon that can kill them. Silver chains will also restrain them.
  • Vetala - A silver knife is the only thing that will kill them.
  • Werewolves- Like its Skinwalker cousin, silver is so far the only weapon that will kill a werewolf.
  • Wraith - To touch silver will burn a Wraith's skin. To pierce one through the heart with silver will kill it.
  • Zombies - A silver stake will "Kill" certain Zombies, silver bullets will hurt them, but nothing more.
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