Sid was a friend of Dean who was unaware of Dean's previous hunter lifestyle.


Season 6Edit

Sid and Dean Winchester were friends for about a year, and were neighbors. During the year he would buy Dean beer and hang with him. They also hung out during barbecues as well. It appears as if Sid and Dean were good friends. Sid was also married.

One night, Sid demands Dean for some of his past, while explaining how he had been buying Dean drinks for a while now. Dean isn't sure, but tell Sid that he used to be in "pest control" with his brother and that he was pretty good at it. Then a waitress comes and gives them the receipt, plus her number to Dean which surprises Sid. He wonder why the pretty ones always go after Dean.

Sid comes across Dean with a gun pointed at a dog during his run and asks what Dean is doing. Dean tells him, he thought it was a possum, and possums kill. Sid is confused, but believes it anyways. Unfortunately Sid is killed by the Djinns attacking Dean.[1]




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