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This unnamed shtriga appeared in Supernatural: One Year Gone.


Unlike other shtrigas, this one hunted in a halfway house full of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, moving through its heating system. This shtriga found the halfway house to be the perfect hunting ground for it due to the people being beaten down and having given up on life. The shtriga killed three people, making two of the deaths look like a murder-suicide.

The shtriga's kills drew the attention of hunters Sam Winchester and Samuel Campbell though they were baffled by what they could be facing. Eventually, the shtriga revealed itself and attempted to feed on Sam who was immune due to his soulless state. Sam used the opportunity to attempt to kill the shtriga, but it avoided his shots and escaped. In order to lure the shtriga out, Sam suffocated Samuel unconscious, making him easy prey for the shtriga to target. As the shtriga started to feed on Samuel, Sam emerged from beneath the bed upon which Samuel was laying and shot the shtriga through the head with an iron round, killing it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Longevity - By feeding off life force, the shtriga can live for an extended period of time; the limits of this are unknown.
  • Life Force Draining - Shtrigas can remain immortal by sucking the life force out of children. They can drain the life force of humans of any age, but prefer children. The life force that shtrigas suck out is called "spiritus vitae" which is Latin for "breath of life." Due to this, their hand prints cause wood to rot. When they die, the life force they stole will return to all the children still alive.
  • Shtriga

    A shtriga about to feed.

    Invulnerability - Shtrigas are very difficult to kill. They can not be killed with normal weapons like standard bullets and knives.
  • Shapeshifting - By day, a shtriga can shapeshift into a human, so that hunters won't be able to detect the creature. At night, the shtriga can transform back to its hag form. They commonly take the form of old women, but this is not a rule.
  • Super strength - Shtriga can easily overpower humans and lift and throw them with great force.
  • Super Speed - Shtrigas can move faster than humans.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - The shtriga's presence caused the lights to flicker in the halfway house.


"She's vulnerable when she feeds. If you catch her when she's eating, you can blast her with consecrated wrought iron buckshot or rounds I think."

  • Consecrated Iron - When feeding, a shtriga is vulnerable to consecrated iron rounds. However, the shtriga must actually be feeding to be killed. Sam killed the shtriga while it was feeding on Samuel Campbell.



  • Unlike the shtriga from Something Wicked, this shtriga was described as being made of dripping gray matter and hovering a few inches above the floor. The other shtriga had a relatively human appearance, even when not disguised as a doctor. This shtriga also left behind a body whereas the other withered away into nothing, leaving behind only its robe.
  • While Sam uses an iron round to kill this shtriga, it appears to be a regular iron round, not a consecrated one.
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