Shreveport is a city in Louisiana where the Styne Family lived.

History[edit | edit source]

Shreveport became the home to the American branch of the Styne Family at an unknown point in the past. The family exerted a powerful influence over the town and its residents, particularly the local sheriff's department. The local high school had a building named Styne Hall after the family as well.

After Charlie Bradbury was murdered by Eldon Frankenstein, hunter Dean Winchester tracked Eldon to Shreveport. There he was arrested by the sheriff on the orders of the Stynes, but was able to escape custody. Dean proceeded to massacre the American branch of the Styne Family, ending their influence over the city.

Months later, Rio tells Dean about how a maintenance guy found a body stashed in the dumpster behind the VFW in Shreveport that the Top Notch Wrestling tour was using during the first stop on their tour.

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