A Shinto Blessing is a special Japanese blessing.


After learning that they are facing a Shojo, Sam Winchester finds out that it can only be killed by a katana that has had a Shinto blessing performed on it. After getting a katana from a pawn shop, Dean is able to get a Japanese chef to perform the blessing behind a restaurant. Though the blessing performed is rather makeshift, it works in granting the katana the power to kill the Shojo.


As the object being blessed is held under a running spring, the incantation Shichihukujin hito no teni rori korekara seitoun yakuwari wo hatasu kono ken wo tataer is recited in Japanese. Once the incantation is complete, the blessing is done.

Known UsersEdit


  • When getting the blessing done, Dean poured a bottle of spring water over the katana to simulate a running spring.


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