I mean this killer's some kind of grade-A wacko, right? I mean, some Satan worshipping, Anne Rice-reading, gothic, psycho vampire wannabe.
— Sheriff Dietrich to Sam and Dean

Sheriff Dietrich is the Sheriff of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, where Sam and Dean Winchester went to investigate killings perpetrated in the style of classic monster movies.


Sam and Dean arrived in town following reports of an exsanguinated victim and a witness claiming he saw a vampire. They spotted Sheriff Dietrich as he was directing festival goers at the town's annual Oktoberfest. He hurried them off, not wanting to discuss the matter amid the crowd.

When Sheriff Dietrich showed them the victim's body, he lamented, to Sam's visible annoyance, that the killing was the last thing the town needed during peak tourist season. When they inquired about the sole witness for the case, he led them to Ed Brewer, whom he immediately declared to be unreliable, and added that he'd only mentioned him in his report because he'd insisted.

Later at the morgue, the Winchesters examined what was left of Rick Deacon, whose girlfriend claimed that he had been ripped apart by a werewolf what looked like the ones from the old movies. Sheriff Dietrich arrived with lab results that found the hairs collected from the body to be canine, specifically wolf hairs, thus making his theory that the culprit was simply a devil-worshiping vampire wanna-be, less plausible.


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