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This unnamed sheriff appeared in Frontierland.


Season 6[]

When Elias Finch was accused of the murder of his wife, the court sentenced him to be hanged. On March 4, 1861, the sheriff stood next to the deputy and Judge Tye Mortimer at Finch's execution. Before he was hung, Finch swore that the three of them would burn in retribution.

Subsequently, the sheriff's office was visited by Sam and Dean Winchester, who were posing as Texas Ranger Walker and Marshal Clint Eastwood, who asked if they knew Samuel Colt. The sheriff directed them to saloon owner Mr. Elkins, who has been in the area "longer than God".

When the judge turned up dead, Darla insisted it was Finch. The sheriff wasn't entirely surprised, having witnessed criminals survive hanging before. The sheriff instructed Sam and Dean to join him in taking down Finch again, this time the sheriff planned to hang him and put in a bullet in his head, for good measure.

However, before Sam and Dean could arrive at their meeting point, the sheriff was intercepted by Finch. The sheriff tried to shoot Finch, and proceeded to apologize when it had no effect. Finch ignored him and told him he had his chance, before incinerating the sheriff.

When Dean and Mr. Elkins found the sheriff's corpse, Mr. Elkins handed the sheriff's badge to Dean, declaring him the new one.