Shelley worked for a bank in Chicago, Illinois.


Shelley was approached by Mr. Vili who wanted to retrieve something from his safe.

She took him to the safety deposit vaults while apologizing for taking so long since it had been a while since Mr. Vili came to them, leading to a need to check the archives. To her surprise, Mr. Vili owned box number one.

Mr. Vili removed a large bone from it, much to Shelley's discomfort. She was however, glad that they could keep the object safe after all these years, since Mr. Vili regarded it as valuable. When Shelley asked if Mr. Vili wanted anything else, he told her he wanted to make a withdrawal, and proceeded to kill Shelley for a portion of her remains.

He intended to use both the bone and her remains at Plutus's auction.



  • According to Mr. Vili, Shelley was a virgin.
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