You are so pretty, Charles.
Sheila Tate to Castiel

Sheila Tate is a resident of Sunset Fields retirement home.

Overview Edit

While investigating cartoon-styled deaths linked to the retirement home, Dean Winchester and Castiel come to interview Sheila, among other residents.

Shelia instantly mistakes Castiel for her third husband, Charles. Dean asks Sheila questions about a robbery, and Sheila admits her diamonds are missing. She apologizes to "Charles" for this mishap.

When asked if she suspects anyone or anything, she points them towards Bob the Cat, whom Castiel immediately goes to interrogate.

Later, Sheila is celebrating her birthday with the other residents. Unfortunately, upon blowing the candles, her cake explodes. The room is left in a huge mess. The carer cleans up Sheila and gives her a breathing mask.

As the two move past Castiel, Sheila urgently informs Castiel (aka Charles) that her carer is wearing her stolen diamonds. Castiel demands the carer to tell the truth, and she informs Castiel that her boyfriend gave them to her. This leads Team Free Will to the true culprit behind the case.


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