Shaylene Johnson is a young woman who worked at Raul's Girls.


Shaylene was a young woman who, as part of Raul's plan to get soul numbers up following the war with Abaddon, was abducted and forced into prostitution. Unlike the other members of Raul's Girls, Shaylene didn't work from Raul's brothel but rather through a dating app. Once Shaylene found a man, she'd have them sign a deal with a pimp demon before sleeping with them.

Season 10Edit

While looking for a hookup, hunter Dean Winchester stumbled across Shaylene on the dating app and set up a date to sleep with her. Before sleeping with Dean, Shaylene made her usual pitch about signing away his soul and Dean realized what was going on along with the fact that Shaylene wasn't happy with what she was doing. The Winchesters then explained to Shaylene what Raul actually was and Shaylene told them about the abductions and forced prostitution and agreed to help them put a stop to it.

Shaylene called in the pimp demon who was shocked to discover that the man Shaylene had for him was Dean Winchester. However, the Winchesters had painted a devil's trap on the hotel room ceiling which the demon had walked right into, trapping him. Shaylene confronted the demon who claimed that it was only the two of them in the operation, but Shaylene told the Winchesters about the brothel, having overheard the demon mentioning it in a phone call. The demon was unrepentant for pimping Shaylene out, saying that Shaylene would've been dead or worse in a year if he hadn't found her and he did her a favor.

Enraged, Shaylene snatched an angel blade from Dean's hand and used it to kill the pimp demon, leaving Dean annoyed as the demon was their best chance of finding the brothel. Shaylene admitted she didn't know where it was, but retrieved a business card for the brothel from the demon's pocket, telling the Winchesters she had seen the demon giving them out at bars. The business card gave the Winchesters the location of the brothel and they left to chase it down.



  • The Pimp Demon suggested that Shaylene may have a Harvard degree that didn't do her any good or wanted one as he commented sarcastically about her Harvard degree working out so well for her.
  • Actress Elysia Rotaru also portrayed Victoria Dodd in the Season 7 episode Of Grave Importance.
  • Shaylene shares her surname with Joe Johnson, a character introduced in the very same episode. There is no relation between them.
  • Shaylene is a rare example of a regular human unaffiliated with the world of the supernatural killing a demon, albeit with Sam and Dean's help.
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