Shawn Raider was a teenager living in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Shawn grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado and was best friends with Evan and Mike Raimos with the three being described as "inseparable." One night, Evan dared the other two to go to the haunted Meadows' house, but while Mike chickened out, Shawn reluctantly agreed to join him.

During the visit to the house, Shawn was the more cautious of the two while Evan greatly enjoyed himself. The two eventually found a room which had Meadows' old plague masks and Evan had a reluctant Shawn steal one. Hearing strange noises, the two attempted to flee the house, only to encounter the ghost of Doctor Avery Meadows. Meadows wounded Shawn in the head with his drill before attacking and killing Evan. As Meadows killed Evan, the terrified Shawn fled the house.

Following his encounter with Meadows, Shawn was left traumatized and only stated that they had been attacked by a monster before he stopped speaking from the trauma. The attack on Shawn and Evan and Shawn's claim drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who visited under the guise of FBI agents investigating what happened. Dean found Shawn drawing pictures of figures in plague masks and tried to get Shawn to open up to him, using his own experiences with monsters. However, Shawn refused to talk and the Winchesters left empty-handed.

That night, Shawn had a nightmare and was soothed by his mother, Penny. After Penny left, Meadows came after Shawn, possessing him. Meadows forced Shawn to put on the stolen plague mask and return it to the Meadows' house. The possessed Shawn was then forced to kill himself with a drill through the head. Meadows hid Shawn's body somewhere in his house while Shawn himself became a ghost trapped in the house.

The Winchesters eventually destroyed Meadows and realized that his victims were trapped in the house as ghosts. To find the bodies, Dean committed suicide to find out from one of the ghosts. Dean encountered the ghost of Shawn who recognized Dean from his earlier visit to Shawn's house. Shawn proceeded to explain what happened to him to Dean who was saddened that he had failed to save Shawn's life. Shawn told Dean that Evan was trapped in the house with him and that they couldn't leave. Dean admitted that he couldn't help Shawn go home, but he could help him go to a better place. Dean asked where Shawn's body was and Shawn directed him to where Meadows had hidden all of his victims.

After Dean made a deal with Billie, now the new Death, she sent the reaper Jessica to free all of the ghosts from the house. Sitting next to Evan, Shawn listened as Jessica asked them to come with her to a better place. Along with the other ghosts, Shawn and Evan ascended to their rightful place in Heaven.

After Dean was brought back by Billie, the Winchesters contacted the authorities and used the information Shawn gave Dean to lead them to the bodies of Meadows' victims. All of the bodies were recovered, including Shawn's. As Shawn's body was removed from the house, his crying mother stood over him and placed her hands on the side of his face.


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