Look man, I've never been much for God or whatever. Sort of just thought that when your curtain came down, that was it, my night. But if you're a demon, that means there's a hell. And if there is a hell, there is a heaven and I'm not giving up my shot at paradise for a belt I can win on my own
— Shawn to Duke
in Beyond the Mat

Shawn Harley was a wrestler.


Shawn is a young wrestler who spots Duke and his rival, Gunner, talking, and immediately assumes they are drug dealing. At a bar, Shawn angrily confronts Gunner. The fight is broken off by Rio.

Shawn later gets kidnapped by Gunner on Duke's orders, who is in fact a crossroads demon. Duke wants Shawn to join his side and work for him.

Realizing that demons are real, Shawn decides to reject the offer because he doesn't wish to lose his right to Heaven. As a result, Duke orders a reluctant Gunner to kill him.



  • Although Shawn is presented as a young new wrestler, his actor, Mike Mizanin, is a professional wrestler who has won numerous awards. He is also known as "The Miz" or "The Awesome One".
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