The Alpha Shapeshifter shapeshifting from Sam to Dean without the need to molt like his children.

Shapeshifting is the ability to shift one's physical appearance into someone else.

Some shapeshifters can also gain the memories of the person whose form they take, shapeshifters can do this if the person is still alive, Ghouls can do it by the same way they change form, eating person's flesh, while Leviathans can do it simply by taking the person's form.

Characters with this abilityEdit

Full shapeshiftingEdit

These characters or (types of) species can take any form they wish.

Limited ShapeshiftingEdit

Possess a more limited variety, they can only take a few (normally two forms, one being their true form, the other being a human disguise, noted by the fact its marked limited) or require something else for them to change (such as the Full moon for Werewolves)

  • Acheris (an appearance of a little girl and a demonic appearance)
  • Alphas
  • Crocottas (human form and monster form)
  • Demons (at least in Hell)
  • Dragons (a human form and a reptilian true form)
  • Djinn - (human form and true humanoid form)
  • Familiars (one human form and one animal form)
  • Ghosts (a few could change appearance)
    • Timmy's mother (was able to shift from a burned appearance to a normal one)
    • Kevin Tran (was able to change his clothes and hair)
  • Ghouls (by eating the persons flesh)
  • Ganesh (a human form and an elephant form)
  • Kitsune (a human form, and its true fox form)
  • Lamia (human form and true form)
  • Leshi (required a possession of theirs to take that persons form)
  • Leviathans (require DNA of the person to take their form)
  • Phoenixes (a human form and a bird of fire-like form)
  • Shtrigas (a human form and a hag-like form)
  • Skinwalkers (a human form and a dog form)
  • Veritas (morphing into her true form gaining feline-like eyes and teeth)
  • Werewolves (require the full moon to change, unless pureblood or the alpha)

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