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|name = Shapeshifter
|name = Shapeshifter
|image = [[Image:zach.jpg|250px]]
|image = [[Image:zach.jpg|250px]]
|powers and abilities = [[Shapeshifting]], [[Super strength]], [[Regeneration]]
|powers and abilities = [[Shapeshifting]]<br/>[[Super Strength]]<br/>[[Regeneration]]<br/>[[Telepathy]]
|vulnerabilities = [[Silver]]
|vulnerabilities = [[Silver]]<br/>Iridium
|appearance = Varies, usually human-like
|appearance = Humanoid<br/>Reflective White Eyes
|actor = Various}}
|actor = Various}}
"''Shapeshifter? Something that can make itself look like anyone?''"
"''Shapeshifter? Something that can make itself look like anyone?''"

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"Shapeshifter? Something that can make itself look like anyone?"

Shapeshifters, or just called shifters for short, are a race of supernatural creatures who can take the form of any human being.


Shapeshifters have been encountered by hunters and by Sam and Dean Winchester. They are human-like creatures that start out human, but later learn how to change their form to look like anyone they want. When exactly they learn is not consistent, some can learn from infancy, while others do not learn until much later in their lives. Due to starting off as humans, shapeshifters can have human urges and vices, such as greed, lust, etc. They are also arguably the most human monsters there are. When a shapeshifter takes the shape of the person they choose to change into, they literally shed their skin, teeth and nails, which is very painful. When they change into the person's physical appearance, they access the thoughts of the person they are mimicking. Some shapeshifters are known to change their shape in a matter of seconds while others are known to take up to several hours. They can also take the forms of fictional characters or inhuman characteristics, such as vampire fangs or werewolf claws. They can also alter their eyes so they resemble their retinal flare. Some shapeshifters have displayed the ability to shift seamlessly into whoever they want without shedding their skin, similar to their Alpha. If you see a video of a shifter their eyes will be a silvery glowy color.

Powers and Abilities

  • A shapeshifter begins to shed.
  • The skin left after a shifter sheds.
  • A shapeshifter losing his nails and transforming his bones
  • Shapeshifting - Shapeshifters can take on a living or dead person's physical appearance by shedding their skin. When they change, they literally become the person they're mimicking, gaining everything, including fingerprints and DNA; they can also mimic wounds, even very serious ones. Once a shapeshifter transforms into that person, they can access the thoughts and memories of the person they are mimicking provided that the person is still alive. At least some Shapeshifters share their Alpha's ability to change shape without shedding as shown in Blade Runners and Bloodlines.
    • Regeneration - As they change their form easily, shapeshifters can heal non-fatal wounds, and even replace body parts such as ears or big piece of skin.
    • Telepathy - Shapeshifters have a telepathic link with the people they mimic, making them able to "download" the memory and thoughts of this person as long as she/he is alive, which explains why they keep their victims alive.
  • Superhuman strength - Even though they appear human, shapeshifters do possess amazing physical strength. They can easily overpower human beings.
  • Superhuman speed - Shapeshifters seem to be able to run faster than humans; on several occasions, shapeshifters have managed to easily escape from pursuers. One was able to run faster than a gun could be aimed.
  • Superhuman agility - They possess quicker reflexes than typical humans. One of them was able to dodge a bullet, jump out of a house without hurting itself, and left a bloody footprint on a telephone pole, indicating it can climb it


  • Silver - They can be killed by a silver bullet or silver blade to the heart. Lesser hits will hurt them, possibly driving them away from the fight. Silver-caused cuts react with them, similar to how iron react with demons.
  • Retinal flare - They are identified by a retinal flare that shows when they are filmed or when light ray cross their
    • A shapeshifter caught on a camera
    • Shapeshifter's retinal flare reveal by light
  • Iridium - It has never been used against an ordinary shapeshifter due to the fact that it's extremely rare and very expensive, but since it's capable of harming the Alpha Shapeshifter, it can be assumed that it can harm ordinary shapeshifters as well.
  • Vamptonite - Edgar states that the Leviathan additive is engineered to kill shapeshifters in addition to Vampires and Ghouls.
  • The Colt - Since this gun can kill next to anything, it can presumably kill Shapeshifters.
  • Dogs - Like certain supernatural phenomena, certain animals such as dogs can sense Shapeshifters regardless of the form they take. The sight of one turned one dog from harmless to vicious, while the Alpha Shapershifter's presence caused multiple dogs to howl.
  • DecapitationAs decapitation could kill the Alpha, it is most probable that decapitating a shifter would kill it.

Known Shapeshifters



  • Hunters usually shorten shapeshifter names to just "shifters."
  • Shapeshifters sometimes make their lairs in the sewers.
  • It's unknown what shapeshifters really look like, but claimed to be monstrous and deformed. In Supernatural The Animation episode The Alter Ego, the shapeshifter reveals his true form. The creature appear to be
    Supernatural shapeshifter by dustiniz117-d4fbcwz

    True form of a shapeshifter in the anime

    humanoid insect-like form with green skin, thin body and fingers, large mouth with thick purple lips and little green eyes on the coast of their head. They also have sharping vertebrate outgoing from their back. This is anime-only. However, they may have an original human appearance as the Lassiter family and Olivia had a form they preferred to stay in and they were born shapeshifters.
  • Although they have never been seen doing, or implied they intended to, it has been indirectly stated that at least some shapeshifters eat humans, much like several other monsters, as in There Will Be Blood, Edgar said that: "our additive kill werewolf, shifters and this disgusting things that eat corpses. Anything that taste for humans".
  • Shapeshifters, along with Rugarus, are one of the few monsters shown so far that reproduce almost solely by sexual contact with a human. The offspring that results is assured to be a shifter.
  • It's indicated that some shapeshifters may have a preferred form as the shapeshifter in Blade Runners and the Lassiter family in Bloodlines all returned to one particular form after finishing with their shifting activities.
  • One shapeshifter has shown the ability to change only his hair.
  • In the past all shapeshifter transformations (excluding the alpha) involved the shapeshifter's skin getting peeled/ripped off. However in Blade Runners, a shifter is shown to seamlessly transform without shedding its skin. This ability was seen again in Bloodlines. VFX I/O Coordinator Adam Williams revealed he was puzzled at why this was. "No idea.. I kinda wondered the same myself. Originally I assumed there were “skin walkers” and “shape shifters” and the skin walkers shed their skin - then I read the superwiki and realized the Alpha can transform without a skin shed but they are all the same monster. I guess sometimes legacy changes." [1]
  • It is unknown how shapeshifters acquire the clothing needed to look like a person they're imitating. Some simply kill/knock out an intended target and steal their clothes.


  1. Was their a specific reason that shapeshifter
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