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Shamans are people who practice shamanism. One such practitioner claimed shamans were first and foremost healers, however this magic can be used offensively as well.


Sergei claimed their power is defined as being able to "realign the harmonics of the universe." This ability allowed them to perform wondrous feats for benign or malevolent purposes.

As stated above, shamans can use their powers to heal themselves or others. Leo was able to keep his late-stage terminal cancer at bay (although the effects of his spell would wear off, requiring him to re-cast it and driving him to seek out stronger magic), and Sergei knew a spell to recharge an angel's grace.

However, shamans could also use their powers for vengeance. An unnamed shaman, outraged over Henry Parker's cannibalistic crimes against his tribe, cursed him to be a Kohonta.

What sets a shaman apart from other magic practitioners, is that a shaman focuses on animalistic spells and rituals. A shaman could draw power by using hoodoo and other forms of magic to empower himself or herself with improved speed, reflexes, ability to secrete venom, etc. Additionally, unlike other magic practitioners, such as witches, shamans appeared to focus more on using magic for self-enhancement instead of using it directly for offense. At least one shaman relied on a spellbook to successfully cast his rituals. Said shaman could also compound the spells recorded in the book to create even more complex results, such as combining the qualities of a baboon and a black widow, instead of using both individually.[1]

Shamans can cast other spells as well, such as binding monsters to a specific area or hiding themselves or others from supernatural entities.

Known Shamans[]

  • Jack Fiddler
  • Native American Shamans (presumably deceased)
  • Leo (deceased)
  • Unnamed Pawnee Shaman (mentioned only, status unknown)
  • Sergei


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