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|first = [[The Magnificent Seven]]
|first = [[The Magnificent Seven]]
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The '''Seven Deadly Sins''' were a group of seven [[demon]]s. Despite only being black-eyed demons, they possessed special powers unique to themselves. Because of these powers, they were originally imprisoned deep in [[Hell]] close to [[Lilith]], unable to escape before the gates of Hell were opened. They appeared to follow their own agenda after [[Azazel]]'s death, as Pride was disgusted to think of [[Sam Winchester]] as a leader for a demonic army.
==The Seven Deadly Sins==
==The Seven Deadly Sins==
Before their release, the Seven Deadly Sins had not been on the earth since the Dark Ages, as such they were like nothing hunters had faced for hundreds of years.
Before their release, the Seven Deadly Sins had not been on the earth since the Dark Ages, as such they were like nothing hunters had faced for hundreds of years.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

Before their release, the Seven Deadly Sins had not been on the earth since the Dark Ages, as such they were like nothing hunters had faced for hundreds of years.

In 1589, Peter Binsfeld realized they were not just vices, but had physical forms, as such, he wrote a book identifying them for the first time as real demons.

Upon the opening of the Devil's Gate, they escaped Hell after which point, they began to have fun and celebrated their freedom by using their powers to affect humans. After a skirmish, they were all either destroyed or sent back to Hell by Dean and Sam, with the help of Bobby, Tamara and Ruby.




Claimed that they are not sins but actually "natural human instinct". He possessed the human from Oak Park Chicago Walter Rosen. He approached a shopper at a clothing store using the persuasion of envy towards a female's shoes which led her to fatally smashing the other woman's face on the windshield of a red car, after which she stole the victim's shoes. Envy's visage was captured on surveillance cameras and seen by Dean, Sam and Bobby. He was then tracked by Dean Winchester and found to have eaten at a small bar.

Dean, Sam and Bobby stake out at the bar until Walter arrives and enters. Dean and the others are halted when hunters Isaac and Tamara enter "half-cocked," as described by Bobby. Isaac then attempted to enter the restroom following Envy, but was subdued by Wrath which brought Envy back to watch the hunter's demise. Envy was then broken in by Dean, Sam and Bobby. He successfully dodged their splash waves of holy water and advanced on Dean. Dean pushed Envy into the devil's trapped trunk of Bobby's Chevette and took the demon along with them back to Isaac's house.

At the house the hunters were staying at, Envy was bound under a devil's trap where he listened with amusement to the hunters figuring out who he was and fighting about what to do next. Envy gleefully taunted the hunters about the demons being loose on the Earth and how the other sins were coming after them. Tired of his taunting, Dean told Envy that he wouldn't be there when the other demons arrived as he was going straight back to Hell, shocking the demon. An enraged Tamara then performed an exorcism on Envy, sending him back to Hell. However, Walter died of injuries that Envy sustained while possessing him.




She possessed a beautiful girl, and due to her nature, she was in a constant state of lust, more willing to have fun with her prey, before killing them, regardless of the gender.

During the Seven Deadly Sins assault on the hunters, Lust went after Dean Winchester, apparently successfully seducing him. However, as they made out, Dean shoved Lust's face into a bathtub full of holy water, causing her great pain and subduing the demon. Lust was later exorcised back to Hell by Bobby Singer. Her vessel survived the possession and exorcism.




Gluttony's vessel was a bald, skinny man. During the confrontation at the bar, he used mind control upon Isaac to make him consume drain cleaner, killing Isaac.

During the Seven Deadly Sins attack on the hunters, Ruby slit his throat with the demon-killing knife, killing Gluttony.




He possessed an overweight man and killed a Nebraskan family by making them too lazy to reach the stocked fridge in their home only a few feet away from where they were seated.

During the Seven Deadly Sins attack on the Winchesters, Tamara and Bobby Singer, Sloth came after Bobby himself. Overconfident, Sloth backed Bobby into a corner only to realize too late that Bobby had lured Sloth into a devil's trap. Mocking that "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son," Bobby exorcised Sloth back to Hell.

The vessel he possessed survived the exorcism.




Wrath possessed a bald, pierced and tattooed man. At the sin bar, he remarked that he did not like hunters being in his place, in reference to Isaac and Tamara. He prevented Issac from attacking Envy.

He later possessed Isaac's dead body and used it to taunt the already devastated and vengeful Tamara into breaking their defenses. Wrath was impaled by Tamara with a stake made out of Palo Santo, subduing him for the rest of the fight. He was later exorcised back to Hell by Bobby Singer.

Its unclear if his first vessel survived his possession as he wasn't seen again.




She took the body of a tall skinny brunette female, who appeared at the sin bar and was dowsed with moderate quantities of holy water by Sam, Dean and Bobby to save Tamara.

During the Seven Deadly Sins attack on the hunters, Greed chased after Sam Winchester with Gluttony and Pride. As Pride strangled Sam, Ruby entered and killed Gluttony with the demon-killing knife. Enraged, Greed attacked Ruby, spinning her around with a punch, but Ruby killed Greed by stabbing her in the throat with the demon-killing knife.




Claimed to be the root of all sin, possibly because it was Lucifer's pride that caused him to try to be better than God. As such he was implied to be their leader, leading Gluttony and Greed on their attack on Sam. He also mostly did the talking, and his companions obeyed his orders like stopping when Pride detected a devil's trap.

He engaged in conversation with Sam and mocked the hunter as a poor choice of Azazel as the chosen one. True to his nature as being extremely arrogant and prideful, he stated his refusal to acknowledge Sam as his leader.

While confronting Sam, Pride noticed a devil's trap and easily broke it with a tremor. Pride easily overpowered Sam and attempted to strangle him to death, but Ruby entered and killed Gluttony and Greed. Enraged, Pride grabbed Ruby from behind and strangled her, only to be punched in the face by Sam, forcing Pride to let Ruby go. While Pride was briefly stunned, Ruby stabbed the demon-killing knife through his chin and up into his brain, killing Pride and his vessel.

The next morning, the bodies of his vessel, Gluttony and Greed's were burned by the Winchesters.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being black-eyed demons, as they are the physical embodiment of the seven deadly sins they were quite powerful demons.

  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, they required a vessel to walk the Earth. The Seven Deadly Sins appeared to prefer vessels guilty of the sins they embodied.
  • Electrokinesis - Their very approach in smoke form caused lights to flicker. Also, they were able to cause an old radio to come to life as an indicator of their presence.
  • Mind Control - Demonstrated by some of them, each demon can influence a person to do the sin that they represent, although they have to make physical contact to infect the person. Sloth made a family sit on a couch and die of starvation and dehydration, Gluttony made Isaac drink drain cleaner, Envy made a woman kill another one over a pair of shoes, Lust was able to make Dean passionately kiss her and wrath was able to make Tamara angry about her dead kid.
  • Telepathy - Envy had extensive knowledge of Tamara's history despite having no interaction with her before and without possessing her or Isaac.
  • Terrakinesis - Their arrival in smoke form caused tremors. Also, when Envy was exorcised, it caused the house he was in to shake. Later, Pride was able to create a tremor that broke a devil's trap.
  • Weather manipulation - Envy's exorcism caused a gust of wind that blew out all the nearby candles.
  • Telekinesis - Pride was able to throw a door off its hinges without touching it.
  • Super Strength - As demons, they were stronger than humans and monsters. The Seven Deadly Sins easily proved stronger than the hunters they fought and Greed and Pride were shown to be stronger than Ruby, a fellow black-eyed demon. Greed's punch was able to spin Ruby around while Pride easily restrained her.
  • Invulnerability - As demons, they were invulnerable to normal forms of harm.
  • Immunity - The sins possessed the ability to resist the effects of holy water. Although holy water still affected them, and caused them a lot of pain, it took a significant amount to incapacitate them.
  • Immortality - They could potentially live forever; they were all at least five hundred years old when they encountered Sam and Dean.


As black-eyed demons, they possessed all the weaknesses of ones.

  • Devil's Trap - Like all demons, the Seven Deadly Sins could be bound by a devil's trap.
  • Exorcism - The Seven Deadly Sins could be exorcised back to Hell.
  • Palo Santo- This type of wood could harm these demons. Being stabbed with a stake of it could incapacitate them.
  • Holy Water- Holy water could burn these demons and cause them great pain.
  • Demon-Killing Knife - Like most demons, they could be killed with the knife.
  • The Colt - Can kill any demon.



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