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Serafina is an angel who lived with Adam for millennia.


At some point, Serafina met Adam and they fell in love; she kept him alive for hundreds of thousands of years, and have been planning to kill God ever since.

In 2020, she and Adam encounter Jack Kline and Dean Winchester.

Serafina tells Dean that, back when Babylon was still standing, she saw Jack in one of her dreams while she and Adam sipped "mushroom tea in the Hanging Gardens". When Adam opens the door to Dean and Jack, she is in awe of the Nephilim and his aura, of which she tells Adam that it is "like Skittles". Her demeanor and appearance make her look like a New Age hipster, but, as Jack tells Dean, Serafina is in fact an angel, which means that she was actually able to see Jack's "aura".

After Jack passes a test to which Adam subjects him, Serafina stabs her lover's stomach, extracts one of his ribs, and heals the wound in front of a shocked Dean and Jack. She and Adam explain that, by absorbing his rib, Jack will be able to produce enough power to suck in God and the Darkness. The couple then cheerfully send them off to complete their mission.

Powers and Abilities[]

Serafina possesses the typical powers of angel.

  • Immortality - She has existed for thousands of years.
  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, Serafina needed a vessel to interact on Earth. Like other angels, she needs the vessel's permission.
  • Supernatural Perception - She could easily tell Jack was a Nephilim from looking at him.
  • Clairsentience - She was able to sense Jack's great power.
  • Super Strength - Being an angel, Serafina is very strong. She could rip out one of Adam's ribs with little effort.
  • Healing - As an angel, she is able to heal injuries and illnesses. She healed Adam's stab wound. She was the one who had been keeping Adam alive for 300,000 years.
  • Precognition (possibly) - She may have seen Jack in a mushroom-fueled dream millennia before the present time.