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Selkies are shapeshifting monsters capable of assuming human form. They originated mainly in Scotland and nearby areas.


In their true form, selkies have black eyes, wrinkled grayish skin and sharp teeth. They come ashore and alter their appearance to blend in and interact with humans, with whom many selkies were capable of establishing long-term relationships. The selkies are led by a colony mother, though Emma of the Isles states that it's less like a family and more like a military rank. After Emma killed the colony mother, she became the new colony mother which she rejected.


Sam Winchester encountered selkies in his trip to the United Kingdom. What Sam thought initially as a small problem turned out to be a massive infestation of selkies posing as humans. Over time, the male selkies became uncontrollable and began to attack and destroy the town. They were eventually stopped when Sam called in Dean from the United States, and the brothers joined forces with a breaker named Emma who was secretly a selkie herself. Emma, the daughter of the colony mother and last of the original herd helped the Winchesters eradicate the colony and then killed herself to truly end the infestation and save the town.

Powers and Abillities


  • Fatal Wounds - TBA

Known Selkies


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