The Second Heaven Civil War was a conflict fought in Heaven and on Earth, and Heaven's second known war after Lucifers Rebellion. It began due to the power vacuum in Heaven after Michael's imprisonment at the climax of The Apocalypse.

History Edit

The War Begins Edit

The archangel Raphael, stepped up to fill in Michael's role as leader of Heaven and restart The Apocalypse as was intended. Castiel, having fought hard with the Winchesters to stop The Apocalypse, stood against him, not wanting all of their efforts to have been in vain. Some angels, enjoying no longer having a pre-destined purpose, flocked to Castiel to help oppose Raphael. Severely outclassed, Castiel looked to gain more power to be able to face his enemy. He made an arrangement with Crowley, who had become the King of Hell after The Apocalypse. They decided to try and open Purgatory to use the monster souls inside to cement their positions and defeat their enemies. As a start, Crowley loaned Castiel a large amount of souls from Hell to boost his power and allow him a first strike against Raphael. Castiel did so, catching Raphael by surprise and launching the war.

The Weapons of Heaven Edit

Before the war began, the angel Balthazar faked his own death, when in actuality, he had stolen the weapons from the vaults of Heaven and fled to Earth. After he had been bartering the weapons in deals for souls, their existence and his survival was discovered. Being capable of changing the course of the war, the weapons began heavily coveted by both Castiel and Raphael. Discovering that they were on Earth, Castiel sought the assistance of his human allies, Sam and Dean Winchester, to help get them back from Balthazar. They tracked Balthazar down but he refused to join the fight against Raphael until Raphael also arrived and tried to both kill Castiel and take the weapons. Balthazar used one of the weapons to destroy Raphael's vessel, wining them the battle. Raphael then sent Virgil, the original guard of the weapons to get them back while Raphael found a new vessel to help him fight on Earth. Balthazar used the Winchesters to distract Virgil, while he rounded up his stolen weapons and gave them to Castiel. With the weapons now in Castiel's possession, Raphael was forced to flee after he attempted to kill Balthazar.

The Unholy Alliance Edit

Having kept his deal with Crowley at the start of the war hidden, Castiel did all he could to protect his plans to find Purgatory, focusing on the war, while Crowley did his best to discover its location from tortured monsters. When the Winchesters grew close to learning the truth, Castiel seemingly killed Crowley but in actuality, helped hide him and get the Winchesters off of his trail so their search for Purgatory could continue. However, as the war winded down and Castiel grew more desperate, their alliance was brought to light. Rachel, one of Castiel's lieutenants, tried to kill him after learning that he had been working with the King of Hell. Castiel retaliated and was forced to kill her after a fierce fight.

The Winchesters soon learned the truth of Castiel's duplicity and confronted him about it. Though Castiel seemed regretful, he told them he had gone too far to turn back. The Winchesters then told Balthazar the truth and he worked as a spy for them, still staying close to Castiel but angry over the deal he had made. When Castiel discovered that he was working with the Winchesters, he killed him for his betrayal.

The Climax and AftermathEdit

The war came to an abrupt end after Castiel prepared to open Purgatory. He cut Crowley out of the deal at the last moment, proclaiming that he would have control of all of the souls of Purgatory and Crowley would get nothing. Crowley, furious at the double-cross, went to Raphael and decided to work with him instead. Crowley and Raphael confronted Castiel, surrounding his base with demons. Castiel seemed to surrender, giving them the keys to opening Purgatory. However, he had tricked them, giving them fake ingredients and opened Purgatory himself, absorbing all of the souls into his being until he was even stronger than Raphael. Castiel revealed his new power, killing Raphael and declaring himself the new God. He then purged Heaven of all of Raphael's followers, ending the war.

However, the war brought about the release of the Leviathans from Purgatory and left Heaven in perhaps even more disarray than it had been at the start of the war.

Trivia Edit

  • During the war, Castiel left Bartholomew in charge of Raphael's followers that they had taken captive. Bartholomew did so, but tortured his fellow angels without remorse.
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