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The Scribe of God is the title given to the angel selected by God to act as his official Scribe. The only Scribe to ever exist was Metatron.



After making Creation, God decided to create a series of tablets that would become known as the Word of God. To this end, God chose the angel Metatron from the secretarial pool to become the Scribe of God. God would later claim that he chose Metatron simply as he was the closest angel to the door when God entered the room. Metatron transcribed the tablets which included the Leviathan, Demon and Angel Tablets which were eventually hidden on Earth for the use of humanity. After God departed Heaven, the Archangels sought Metatron for the knowledge he had gained while working as God's Scribe and he was forced to flee into hiding on Earth.

21st Century[]

Hunters Sam and Dean Winchester first learned about the Scribe of God after the recovery of the Leviathan tablet. Castiel explained to the Winchesters the history of the Word of God and Metatron's role in it as the Scribe of God.

After the recovery of the Leviathan, angel and demon tablets, Metatron was tracked down by the Winchesters in hopes that he would have useful information about the Trials of God. Upon learning of the state of things, Metatron rescued Kevin Tran from Crowley, using his abilities as the Scribe of God to remove the angel warding surrounding Kevin's location.

After Metatron's defeat, he remained locked in Heaven's dungeon where he was removed twice for his knowledge on the Mark of Cain. Due to the great deal of knowledge he gained as the Scribe of God, Metatron claimed to know of a way to remove the Mark of Cain, but later admitted that he was lying.

Even after being rendered human, Metatron retained the knowledge he had gained as the Scribe of God though he had no real abilities remaining to him as he did when he was an angel or "X." Amongst the abilities he lost was his ability to remove warding as the Scribe.

Following the release of the Darkness, Metatron was sought by both the angels and the Winchesters for any information he may have learned from God on the Darkness. He was eventually captured by Castiel and admitted that while working with God on the tablets God had told him something. Metatron eventually turned out to know that the Darkness was in fact God's sister and also knew some of the history behind the Darkness being locked away.

God eventually called upon Metatron to act as his Scribe once more to help write God's autobiography. However, God refused to restore Metatron's power as an angel. Working as the Scribe once more, Metatron provided critique on the book and convinced God to return to Earth to help defeat the Darkness.

Metatron went on to offer his help in stopping God from sacrificing himself to save the Universe from the Darkness. Though Metatron had lost all of his abilities, he still knew all of the spells inscribed upon the angel tablet and assisted in the Rescue of Lucifer, using his knowledge to cast a spell that freed Lucifer from the Darkness' hold. He was imploded shortly thereafter by the Darkness, taking with him all of his knowledge.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Scribe possesses the general powers of a regular angel though they are imbued within him as they would be with a Seraphim or an Archangel.

  • Warding Removal - Unique to the Scribe of God, they possess the ability to erase any warding in existence due to their status as the Scribe. Metatron displayed the ability to effortlessly erase angel warding placed by Crowley around a location, something he specifically stated came from being the Scribe of God. He later removed a devil's trap from the lid of the Impala's trunk.

As a human, the Scribe retains all of the knowledge they possessed as an angel, but lacks any of their other powers. Amongst the abilities they lose as a human is the Scribe's ability to remove warding.