Scott Freeman is the owner of Out With The Old. His mother was the former owner.


Scott wanted to sell the store and wanted to talk his mother into it, but she always refused. Then a realtor came by and got his mother to agree. The day after his mother drove her car off a bridge. So he took over the store, and began selling things, even the items in his mother's safe.

A few days later, two men show up with the slippers bought from his store. Sam and Dean tell him that the items in his mother's safe are cursed items and could kill people. They head out to collect the items and bring them back to Scott. When Sam and Dean are out, Joyce breaks into Scott's store and makes him call the boys and tell them to come back to the store. He is about to be killed and replaced by her assistant George when Sam and Dean show up. The Leviathans are taken care of, and Sam tells Scott to go into hiding.


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