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Scott Carey was a Special Child killed by Gordon Walker.


Scott was a pretty normal person until 2005, when he suddenly gained the ability to shock people. This caused psychological problems for him. A year later, Scott went to a therapist for help. Scott told the therapist all about his powers, and how the man with the yellow eyes communicated with him in his dreams and told him to use his powers to kill people. When he left the doctor's office, Scott was stabbed in the parking lot and killed.

Sam Winchester persuaded Ash to employ his superior computer skills to conduct a nationwide search of people born in 1983 whose mothers died in nursery fires. Ash came up with only four names: Sam Winchester, Max Miller, Andrew Gallagher and Scott Carey. When Sam went to investigate, he found yellow eyes cut out of magazines and placed all over Scott's closet wall. Working with Ava Wilson, Sam is able to get recordings of sessions between Scott and his therapist where he talks about Azazel visiting him in his dreams and talking about an upcoming war.

About a month after Scott's death, hunter Gordon Walker revealed that he had murdered Scott after learning about the Special Children from a demon. Gordon admitted that Scott hadn't killed anyone but a cat yet, but believed he eventually would. After getting Gordon arrested, Sam suggested that if the police could connect Gordon to Scott's murder, he would get even more time in prison.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Electrokinesis - He told a psychologist that he could fry anything he wishes just by touching it. He said he had done this to a cat by accident. However, this ability depended on conductivity and contact with bare skin, as Gordon managed to protect himself by grabbing Scott by the sleeve.