Fair? The last one I killed was pretending to be a doctor. Feeding on the souls of humans he was supposed to heal.
Jack to another Grigori about Vic.
in The Gamblers

Vic Sariel was a Grigori that was posing as a doctor and feeding on the souls of his patients.


The Grigori started out as a squad of elite angels thousands of years ago and were some of the first angels to walk the Earth. According to Tamiel, there were originally hundreds of them and they each had their name engraved on their angel sword. However, they eventually went bad and the other angels hunted them down and killed them. Unknown to the other angels, some of the Grigori survived and began feeding off of human souls as they saw humans as beneath them.

By 2020, Vic had been operating out of a clinic in Cushing, Oklahoma for a number of years, working as a doctor and feeding on his patients. Vic delivered both of the children of the local sheriff during this time. However, he was targeted by the resurrected Nephilim Jack Kline on the orders of Billie. Confronting Vic in his office, Jack ripped out the Grigori's heart, killing him and then consumed it as part of Billie's plan for Jack to become strong enough to kill God. Before killing Vic, Jack allowed him to call out over angel radio to his only surviving brother so that Jack could hunt him down and kill him too.

As a result of the security cameras in Vic's office, part of the murder was caught on camera as well as Jack eating Vic's heart. As Dean Winchester had used one of his FBI aliases to open a file on Jack the previous spring and make him wanted, Sheriff Evans attempted to contact him and instead reached the Seraphim Castiel who was shocked to see Jack alive. Investigating Vic's office, Castiel found Vic's angel sword hidden in a cabinet and, recalling Tamiel's words about the swords and the Grigori, realized what Vic had been.

After being captured by the surviving Grigori, Jack pointed out how Vic had been feeding on the souls of the people he was supposed to be helping as part of the reason for his actions. The other Grigori attempted to torture Jack to death for killing his remaining siblings, including Vic, but was killed by Castiel.

Powers and Abilities

As a Grigori, Vic was part of an elite and very powerful class of angel.

  • Immortality - The Grigori have existed for thousands of years.
  • Angelic Possession - Like all angels, the Grigori need a vessel to walk the Earth. Like other angels, they need the vessel's permission.
  • Soul Feeding - The Grigori are able to feed on human souls to absorb their heavenly power. The Grigori Tamiel did this by cutting their arms and drawing parts of the soul into their mouths.
  • Invulnerability - As an angel, he was invulnerable to most forms of harm.


  • Nephilim - Jack was able to kill Vic by ripping out and eating his heart.



  • Sariel is the name of an angel from lore. As such, Sariel might be his real name with Vic being his alias to blend in with humanity.
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