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Sarah Blake was the daughter of an art gallery owner. She helped Sam and Dean Winchester destroy the cursed painting, risking her own life in the process - although she believed that she was probably in just as much danger living a 'quiet' life. She was attracted to Sam, a feeling that was reciprocated, but because of the boys' job, they couldn't stay together. At some point after that, she married a man, Ian, who works in search-and-rescue and had a daughter with him. She was among the many targets of Crowley to get back at Sam and Dean and was killed right in front of them.


Season 1[]

Sam and Sarah investigating.

When Sam Winchester needs to get information from Sarah on the painting associated with a series of deaths, Sam and Sarah go out to dinner. When the latest owner of the painting dies, Sarah insists on helping the boys with their investigations and proves a fiesty ally. Sarah openly states her affection for Sam, and Dean also encourages Sam to pursue her, but Sam is reluctant. After the case is solved, and the boys are leaving, Sam returns and kisses Sarah and has difficulties leaving her, so he and Dean stay in town for a few days so Sam and Sarah can be together.[1]

Sam and Sarah.

Season 8[]

In Clip Show, Sam and Dean Winchester arrive at the hotel room where she is staying when Crowley threatens to have her killed. She married a search and rescue worker named Ian and gave birth to a daughter named Beth whose first birthday is a month away. She is magically strangled by a witch's spell used by Crowley. The brothers fail to find the hex bag in time and she dies. The hex bag in question was in the phone that Dean breaks in frustration after finishing Crowley's call.


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