Dr. Sanford Ellicott was an insane doctor who became a violent spirit.


Dr. Sanford Ellicott was the chief psychiatrist at the Roosevelt Asylum where he conducted cruel experiments to test his theories that provoking extreme anger in patients would be therapeutic. Eventually, the patients revolted and rioted, killing Dr. Ellicott in 1964. His spirit remained in the abandoned building, causing extreme rage in those he came into contact with.

His son was now also a psychiatrist whom Sam visited to get information from.

Dr. Ellicott's spirit used the seeds of Sam's anger at Dean to provoke a murderous rage in which Sam tried to kill Dean. He first shot Dean with rock salt, and then Dean handed him his gun and Sam fired, luckily the gun was unloaded. Dean knocked out Sam and located Ellicott's bones, however, he was then attacked by the Doctor himself, who tried the same trick on him, however, Dean was able to reach his lighter, and dispatched Dr. Ellicott by salting and burning his corpse.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He possessed all the standard powers of a ghost, however, he also possessed several rare powers.

  • Telekinesis - He could move objects with his mind.
  • Super Strength - He was easily able to overpower humans.
  • Teleportation - He could teleport from place to place.
  • Voice Mimicry - He could mimic Dean's voice, to lure Sam down to his lab.
  • Mental Influencing - He was able to influence people's minds and make them overcome with anger, thus turning them on others that they had problems with, by making the minor problems major to the point of homicide.
  • EVP - Able to contact Sam's phone to send him a false call.
  • Corporeality - After his bones were burned, his ghostly form has crashed on the floor.



  • Dr. Ellicott's backstory as the ghost of an asylum psychiatrist who tortured his patients, and was killed by them during a revolt and then haunted the abandoned asylum, is similar to that of Dr. Vannacutt from the 1999 film, House on Haunted Hill.
  • When Doctor Ellicott's remains are burned, he does not burn up like other ghosts but rather turns into a pile of ash.
  • Dr. Ellicott is the first ghost in the series where salting and burning just their bones has worked on.
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