A spell of my own devising. The Sanetur Acre Vulnus. A healing spell of a kind. If this gateway to Hell isn't a gate at all, but a wound, a rupture, I can use the spell to undo the damage Chuck did and the hole will heal, close itself up.
Rowena explaining the spell.
in The Rupture

Sanetur Acre Vulnus is a spell created by Rowena MacLeod to heal wounds.


At some point in her life, witch Rowena MacLeod created this spell.

In 2019, as part of their plan to seal all of the souls and demons in Hell again, Rowena suggests using Sanetur Acre Vulnus to in effect heal the rupture God created leading to Hell after Belphegor uses Lilith's Crook to draw all of the souls and demons back in. After Belphegor begins using the Crook, Rowena and Sam perform the spell and Dean tosses the hex bag into the rupture. The spell doesn't immediately seal it, instead causing the rupture to slowly close over. After Rowena sacrifices herself to send all of the souls and demons back, the spell closes the rupture completely.


The ingredients are relatively simple. It required lavender, myrrh and an owl skull. All ingredients must be mixed in the bowl. However, it requires two people to perform the spell itself and a third to toss the hex bag into the wound. The contents of the hex bag was not specified, but presumably was the same as in the bowl since Rowena only say three ingredients are required. The two casters have perform the incantation while holding hands over the bowl containtaing the ingredients:

"Mundus fractus est... Sanetur acre vulnus... Ad veniant harenae at que saxum, sursum, et deorsum... Claudatur porta inter orbes terrarum... nobis et illis!"

Rough Translation:

"The World is broken... Heal the wound in the Atmosphere... Come into the sand that rock up and down... Lock the door between the worlds... between us and them!"

When the spell is cast successfully, the ingredients will burn purple, as will the hex bag. The third person should toss the hex bag to the wound and the wound begins to heal.

After the spell is performed by Rowena, Sam and Dean, the rupture slowly closes over before eventually sealing.

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